Looking for beaches for everyone? You will find them in Miami. When I say ‘everyone’ I mean beaches even for your animals and the ones who are nudists. Wearing clothing is a requirement on the majority of beaches in the globe, but not on this beach. You are free to lose both your inhibitions and your garments here at Haulover Beach! Haulover Beach has a lot of other aspects outside just being a nudist beach that is overlooked. We’ll talk about everything that makes Haulover Beach one of the top beaches in the world in this blog.


We all know what Haulover Beach is now but it was not always like this. Let us know a little about its past and how it became the world’s famous nudist beach.

Haulover Beach wasn’t officially recognized as a beach until 1940, and it didn’t start accepting visitors until 1947. This happened because when the beach construction started in 1941, it was soon halted due to lack of funding since by then World War 2 had begun. Later on, it resumed after 1945 which took two years to complete it. 

What you see now is Miami’s 144-acre Haulover Beach defining the eastern border of Haulover Park. The Haulover Beach Park is well-known for its beautiful waters, pure white sand, and the several picturesque picnic areas it provides.

How To Get There

Haulover Beach is simple to reach by car, regardless of whether you are traveling from close by or a distance. It is situated on Collins Avenue, which runs between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

If you arrive by car, you can park across the street in one of the lots and access the park via the pedestrian tunnels. There are ramps for easy accessibility and parking spaces for those with disabilities.

Also, you can get cheap flight fare to get there. Make sure to do good research on cheap fares available.

What Are The Rules Of The Beach?

To protect everyone’s safety and well-being when visiting Haulover Beach, certain guidelines are adhered to.

The most important rule prohibits guests from bringing weapons or illicit drugs, like alcohol, onto the property. Rowdy behavior of any type is absolutely forbidden.

Only specific areas have been designated for smoking. To preserve the beach’s natural beauty, visitors should always remember to clean it up after themselves and not leave any rubbish behind.

Things To Do In Haulover Beach

There are several activities available in Haulover Beach Park, so even if you have a furry buddy, you don’t need to be concerned. The beach includes a separate dog park where you may leave your dog and let them run around till they’re tired while you go surfing, swimming, or engaging in other water sports like jet skiing, etc. You can also take a kite-building class and participate in a flying workshop. For those who believe you cannot have the best of both worlds, Miami is proof that you can. Most people often struggle to respond when asked if they prefer the beach or the forests because it’s not always clear which they prefer. However, you may love both because Haulover Beach Park also offers hiking trail opportunities.

You can also go fishing here if you like. You can choose the inlet water path or stay in the terra firma. Or take a jetty into the deeper end of the waters to fish. Other than all this, people also rent bicycles and ride along the long stretch of land. When you get tired, you can park your bike and go sunbathing in the “ optional clothes” section of the beach and relax. 

Best Time To Go To Haulover Beach

Anytime is a fantastic time to visit Miami’s Haulover Beach. With the exception of January and February, there are often fewer people here. It gets a little congested during this time of year because of its kite festival, and the fact that the beach has grown in popularity over the years is another factor.

Haulover Beach’s weather changes as the months pass by. The best Haulover beach month with perfect weather is considered to be the month of October. It is when the winds are soft and cool. From mid-Oct to early November is the ideal time to travel to this beach.

Is It Family Friendly?

It is in every way family-friendly and also very safe even for kids. The beach has clear signs and barriers across the 220 ft width. They even have a long stretch of lifeguards situated at a certain distance from one another.

As far as the four-legged pets are concerned, there is a separate bark park for them too. There is a special area for kids that is filled with enjoyable things to do like playgrounds, sand castles, or games that they can play. Parents can unwind on the beach or engage in other leisure pursuits concurrently.

Fishing, kiteboarding, and other watersports are available to older children. Do not deviate to the northern part of the beach (nudist section). Short dunes that operate as a natural border to divide this nudist area from the rest of the public access site provide additional privacy.

So that nobody else who chooses to remain au naturel breaches boundaries into nudists’ private zone.

Hotels Near Beach

Haulover Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Miami and hence people from different parts of the world pour in here. This has made many hotels come up facing the beach. You can find countless options which will fit your budget and your needs. The hotels here provide a long list of services and some of the common amenities in these hotels include WiFi, telephone, tv, etc. Most of these hotels even come with balconies so you can have a view of the stunning beach from your temporary stay. Some of the hotels you can find nearby are La Costa Inn, Miami Airport Marriott, and Tower Bay Yacht Club.

So what are you waiting for? Book the next flight to Miami. I am sure Miami has something waiting for you too. I hope you liked reading this blog and found it informative.