Back in March, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced that they would be releasing a new product known as IQOS. This product is designed to heat tobacco instead of burning it, and it has already been released in several countries around the world.

To promote IQOS, PMI has launched a marketing campaign called “Heets IQOS”. As part of this campaign, they have created a special bronze label that is meant to differentiate IQOS from other heated tobacco products on the market.

So what do you need to know about the Heets IQOS bronze label? Here are the key points:

  • Only products that meet these stringent requirements will receive the bronze label. Therefore, consumers can rest assured knowing that they are getting a high-quality product when they purchase something with this seal.
  • The Heets IQOS bronze label is currently being rolled out in select markets around the world. It will eventually be available in over 30 countries worldwide.

IQOS is one of the newest smoking alternatives on the market. It is a tobacco heating system that uses Heat Control technology to heat tobacco instead of burning it. This creates an aerosol that you inhale, rather than smoke.

IQOS is available in three different varieties: Heets, Soft Capsules, and Holder Kit. Heets are small inserts that look like cigarettes but without tobacco. They come in two flavors: original and menthol. Soft capsules are similar to Heets, but they contain tobacco extract instead of real tobacco leaves. The Holder Kit allows you to use your tobacco with IQOS.

To use IQOS, you insert a Heet into the device and wait for it to heat up. Once it is heated up, you take a drag from it just like you would with a cigarette. The aerosol created by IQOS contains nicotine and flavorings, but no harmful chemicals or carcinogens are found in cigarette smoke.

So far, there have been only limited studies conducted on IQOS and its health effects. However, early findings suggest that it may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. IQOS is currently not available in the United States, but it can be purchased in over 30 other countries around the world.

If you are interested in trying IQOS, be sure to check with your local tobacconist about availability and for more details about JuuL.

How Does IQOS Work?

The IQOS heats the tobacco stick without creating any fire or combustion. This means that there is no smoke, ash, or carbon monoxide produced, and it is therefore considered a “smokeless” product. The aerosol that is created by the heating process contains nicotine and other chemicals but none of the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke.

What are the Health Risks Associated with IQOS?

There have been many studies conducted on IQOS and its health risks, but so far there is no evidence to suggest that it is more harmful than smoking cigarettes. Some research has shown that IQOS may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes because it does not produce any smoke or toxic gases. That being said, further research is needed to make a conclusive statement about the health risks associated with IQOS.


The tobacco in the HEETS Bronze Label Bundle is rounded and sensuous. Only IQOS should be used with HEETS, according to its design. Bronze rich and deep is a powerful and full-flavored blend of smoke that has a velvety taste and a feeling of heated malt flavors.