Two-wheelers are a common choice to travel in crowded cities. They’re not only less expensive but also simple to maintain. If you’re looking for a bike, begin your search by finding the best two-wheeler dealer. Just a few brands stand out in terms of fuel economy and dependability. You can choose commuter bikes, as they have transformed the industry and raised the bar for mileage. Most two-wheelers, such as a Hero new model bike, may have good mileage. The brand also focuses on other factors, like aesthetics. 

This article will discuss the newly launched two-wheeler in India, including its features. 

Hero New Model Bike – Hero Splendor Plus

Splendor Plus is Hero Motocorp’s best-selling bike. The two-wheeler is available in three variables. This bike can suit your demands, like fuel tank capacity and mileage requirements.

Here are some of the Hero Splendor Plus features:

  • A 97.2cc engine powers this Hero commuter bike, which requires little maintenance.
  • Currently, it comes in three different configurations: Self-start with alloy and i3S, kick with alloy wheel, and self-start with alloy wheel.
  • Hero Splendor Plus mileage claim is 80.6 kilometers per liter, which further indicates how brilliant the fuel efficiency of the bike is. You can take a look at the Hero bikes mileage list for comparison.
  • It features front and rear drum brakes while offering good mileage. As a result, both wheels have a combined stopping mechanism for a quicker and smoother stoppage.
  • This bike weighs 112 kg and has a 9.8-liter fuel tank capacity.

Buying a Two-Wheeler in India – Things to Remember

Here are a few factors to consider before you buy a two-wheeler:

  • Brand: A two-wheeler purchase is a long-term commitment, so quality is vital. It is always best to get your new bike from a reputable manufacturer. The brand you choose also significantly affects the resale value.
  • User Opinions: User reviews could provide in-depth information that the showroom salesperson cannot give. It is preferable to read some first-hand reviews of the bike you intend to purchase.
  • Budget: Set a budget before purchasing a two-wheeler. Expenses like service, repairs, insurance, and gasoline must be in your budget, in addition to the ex-showroom price.
  • Mileage: One of the most crucial criteria, mileage, is unavoidable.  When you take the growing fuel price into account choosing a two-wheeler with decent mileage becomes vital. Hero bikes mileage list can give you the complete picture.
  • Insurance: Do a thorough study on two-wheeler insurance. Investigate the level of protection provided by various two-wheeler insurance policies, including the premium costs.
  • Service Facilities: Getting your bike to a remote location for repairs in unforeseen circumstances can be quite challenging. Be sure there are service centers around where you live and commute.
  • Spare Parts: Sometimes it’s hard to get replacement components for specific brands or models. So, another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a two-wheeler is the availability of spare parts.

In Conclusion

Many people use two-wheelers like bikes and scooters to get around daily. They are the most practical personal transportation, especially in severe traffic conditions.  Bike enthusiasts can find a bike that suits their needs, from inexpensive models to elaborate bikes, thanks to trusted two-wheeler manufacturers. If you have plans to purchase a new bike, you will get overwhelmed with the many options available today.