Hero Splendor Plus Engine Specifications
Hero Splendor Plus

Splendor Plus Engine Specifications

The Splendor Plus is a type of vehicle, and it has a small engine. This engine is cooled using air, which means it doesn’t need a special cooling system like water. The engine can produce 8.02 units of power, which is like how strong it is, and it can also generate 8.05 units of twisting power, which helps the vehicle move forward. To control how fast the vehicle goes, this engine is connected to a four-speed gearbox, which is like a special system for changing gears and adjusting speed.


Hero Splendor Plus Features

The regular version has two round dials on the dashboard. The left one shows your speed, and the right one tells you how much fuel you have. The lights in this version use regular bulbs, and it has a light that tells you when the side stand is down.


In the advanced version called Xtec, the Splendor Plus has a digital dashboard for the first time in its category. You can connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, and it can show you when someone is calling or when you get a text message. It also has some extra features like a way to keep track of how far you’ve driven, a way to see how good your mileage is right now, and a warning when you’re running low on fuel. Plus, the front light has a cool LED daytime running light that’s not in the regular version.


The i3S version does something special. It has a system that turns off the engine when you’re stopped in traffic for more than five seconds. If you want to start again, you just need to pull the clutch lever. This system makes your bike use less fuel, especially in heavy traffic.


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