You must have numerous requirements for your built-in wardrobe interiors. Be it that built-in shoe rack or clothing rail, or even that fitted bespoke wardrobes you have always wanted. We create all that and more under one roof. Our made-to-measure wardrobe Storage Solutions are custom built to create stylish yet practical Bedroom Wardrobes bespoke to individual’s fitted Bedroom Furniture tastes.

The primary space we focus on when redesigning every home could be the bedrooms. Only some bedrooms are spacious and futuristic ideas should be incorporated to make them useful. In today’s time, space concerns trouble everyone, and solutions have relevance. Every Fitted Bedroom Furniture reflects the personality of the individual living in them, and the furniture used should be made according to them. Here we list some remarkable small bedroom design ideas that you may find interesting.

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You can try out multi-shade designs in the bedroom, as it would give a unique feeling. The shades of white and grey could be perfect for small interiors. You can also go for high gloss versions, which look brighter and more spacious with the incident light.

High Gloss Bedroom Furniture Set
High Gloss Bedroom Furniture Set

Many bedrooms have uneven space, which can reduce the storage options. L -shaped walk-in wardrobes are one such option which can be added to any uneven space. You can go for high gloss and matt versions according to your preference. The customisation, including mirror and lighting features, can be added as you need.

The wooden headboard was once a part of vintage homes. The design creates a sophisticated touch inside the bedroom without taking up much space. Go for a wooden bedside table and bookcase if space permits.