Are you from in and around Assam aspiring to build a reputed & stable career to pursue from Guwahati? How about becoming a cabin crew member at a top airline with a workstation that is high up in the sky? A career that is elite, rewarding, dynamic, and elegant?  Exiting? Welcome to cabin crew training in Guwahati. Yes, Aptech Aviation Academy has a sophisticated branch right in Guwahati!

The Strategic Importance Of Guwahati Branch

Assam is the largest economy in the northeast and the capital city of Guwahati is gradually becoming an employment hub for young aspiring professionals with a rapid increase in diverse economic activities like trade, marketing, industries, manufacturing units, and much more in and around the city.

Increased economic activity swells the transport and hospitality industries by bringing a huge influx of people and businesses into the region, opening up a broad scope to industries like Aviation, Hospitality, Event, and Retail Manufacturing sectors, demanding more and more young dynamic human resources to supplement their work floor.

Certification Program In Cabin Crew Services  & Scope

Certification and Diploma courses in aviation have become one of the reliable trends among today’s youth. Owing to the sector’s remarkable growth over the last decades on both domestic and international scales, aviation is currently one of the most sought-after fields among youngsters.

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), India is currently the 7th largest civil aviation market in the world and is expected to become the third-largest within the next 10 years.

Cabin Crew: The Job Responsibilities

  • To oversee, various needs and interests of flight passengers.
  • Prepare and serve in-flight meals, as well as carry out safety and security procedures at times of emergencies.
  • Ensuring the safety and comfort of each passenger.
  • To manage all the in-flight operations and ensure that the cleanliness and hygiene standards are up to mark.
  • To work well as a team player and should be comfortable functioning in an enclosed environment for longer periods of time.
  • Should be able to reach overhead compartments to fulfill safety and emergency procedures efficiently. 
  • Should be able to report when assigned immediate duties and operate at irregular hours to exhibit and uphold high standards of personal grooming, excellent communication, and social skills to work in a multicultural environment.


  • Attend pre-flight briefs on upcoming flights 
  • Ensure the functionality of all the in-flight systems and equipment, hours before the flight takes off.
  • Assist passengers with their needs and requirements.
  • Ensure cabin cleanliness and hygiene. 
  • Carry out passenger announcements.
  • Conduct some sales in flight (if required by the airline)
  • Identify and report in time, any undesirable passenger behavior or medical conditions.

Why Should You Opt For Aptech Aviation Academy?

Among many reputed institutions that provide diplomas and certifications in aviation courses, Aptech cabin crew courses top the list. Founded in 1986, Aptech is not only a pioneer but also one of the country’s most experienced in providing non-formal vocational training. So far, Aptech has placed thousands of candidates in the celebrated career of aviation.

Aptech’s cabin crew training in Guwahati Center offers in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of cabin crew operations. The curriculum involves; presentation, communication, grooming skills, principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management, inflight service, safety & security, passenger & baggage handling, customer services, and a series of mock tests to make the candidate, job-ready.

Duration And Eligibility

The course spans about 8 months and requires an academic qualification of class 12 in any subject combination. In addition, the candidates need to meet the following additional criteria:

  • Age: 18-24 old
  • Height – 5 feet & above (Female ) and 5.5 feet & above (Male)
  • Weight in proportion to height
  • Good eyesight
  • Proficiency in English

Becoming a cabin crew is the dream of millions. If you are one among them, take a leap of faith and channel all your efforts into manifesting this dream. Join Aptech’s cabin crew training in Guwahati today! Feel free to call us, we will be glad to give you in-depth information as to how to approach this.