Online Janam Kundli can give insight into your relationships and compatibility. According to Time, one of the key components of a happy relationship is the ability to generate positivity. Did you know that in astrology this relationship influence is attributed to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism?

If you want to learn more about your relationship patterns and better understand your love life, you’ve come to the right page. Get ready because today we’re going to delve into relationship astrology.

Role of Love Astrology in online Janam Kundli?

This type of astrology is a mixture of planetary influences, aspects and transits. As in other areas of our lives, our birth chart can provide us with important information about our love life, our partnerships and relationship patterns.

To better understand your love life, you need to look at a few key factors:

  • Your Venus sign.
  • The sign of your descendant.
  • Ruler of the 7th house
  • Planets in the 7th house

What is your love language in Online Janam Kundli?

The planet of love is Venus, so your love language is determined by your Venus position in your Hindi kundli online. Knowing your Venus sign gives you useful insight into what type of partner you can truly thrive with, as well as how you want to show and receive affection.

Love & Affection ruled by some specific planets can show us what our ideal partner archetype is, as well as what we are attracted to.

Venus (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) for fire

Venus signs are love action, thrives in passionate relationships, and can’t stand boredom, routine, and boredom when committed for too long. Because of their fiery nature, these signs tend to be flirtatious and sometimes hard to tame, but once tamed, they’re usually all in.

In relationships, people with these Venus signs look for people who keep them on their toes, who are fun, generous, open-minded and ready for everyday adventure.

Venus in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

In relational astrology, people with these Venus signs are primarily looking for stability and reliability. They don’t like too much drama and playing love and flirting games can get boring very quickly because they don’t like to waste time.

They need partners who are solid, grounded, reliable and know what they want because they see relationships as an opportunity to grow as a team and as lovers.

Venus in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

Venus signs help you to feel connected to your partner, especially on an intellectual level. They are devoted and freedom-loving at the same time. They are fun and playful, but also very intelligent and love to learn something new from their partners.

Air Venus signs don’t feel at their best when they’re completely immersed with their partner, as they need to maintain a measure of independence in order to fully thrive in a relationship by matchmaking kundli.

Venus in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

What these natives desire in love is emotion, depth and intimacy on all levels. Commitments are never taking lightly, and when they are in love, they crave tenderness, dedication, emotional availability, and maturity.

Water Venus signs love to bond and know everything about their partner because romantic relationships are a chance for them to bond on a soul level, not just emotionally or physically.

Is your love life based on your birth chart?

In relationship astrology, planets place in the 7th house and ruling the 7th house will be particularly significant in understanding the type of relationship or partner you attract or are drown to.

7th house and ruling planets can also describe the relationship dynamics, challenges and gifts of your love life.

To calculate your chart and find your progeny, go to Free Natal Chart Calculator.

Here is the planet that rules the signs:

  • Sun – Leo
  • Moon – Cancer
  • Mercury – Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus – Taurus and Libra
  • Mars – Aries
  • Jupiter – Sagittarius
  • Saturn – Capricorn
  • Uranus – Aquarius
  • Neptune – Pisces
  • Pluto – Scorpio

Check for any planets in the 7th house as they too will play a major role in your love life. If more than one planet is place here, all the planets will affect your relationships.

What you can learn from horoscope compatibility

Your zodiac sign compatibility can tell you a lot about how you’re likely to relate to someone else kundli chart. Each person’s astrological sign tends to influence their behavior. Each zodiac sign responds to different motivations and usually has a different outlook on life. Understanding how your sign will interact, play, and work with another sign can offer some powerful insights into whether or not you’ll be a good fit for a romantic relationship.

As you will see when you select your tags from our compatibility tool, there are several areas where you can check your tags for compatibility. These include:

  • Intellectual compatibility: Your zodiac sign can influence what type of student you are. Maybe you like to explore new things on your own, while your partner prefers to curl up with a good book. Some signs, like Taurus, are stubborn about mistakes. You will have a hard time getting them to switch sides in the debate. Others, like Pisces, are quite flexible.
  • Sexual Compatibility: If you’re into a serious and romantic relationship, it’s important to consider your sexual compatibility. Scorpios have big appetites and like to try new things. Libras find it easier to suppress their sexual needs. You will need to make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with where you are in this realm.
  • Emotional compatibility: Some zodiac signs feel things more deeply than others. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are stable earth signs. Meanwhile, a sign like Cancer feels things deeply and can go from one emotion to another very quickly. Sometimes opposites attract in this area if both partners understand where the other is coming from.

How to use compatibility with astrology in online janam Kundli hindi ?

Once you’ve read your astrological compatibility results, you’ll need to decide what to do with them. It is important to remember that not everyone embodies their zodiac sign completely. You may meet a Sagittarius who is a homebody or a heartless Cancer. Many influences play a role in our astrological charts.

The zodiac sign we usually ascribe to is our sun sign. However, you also have a moon sign and a rising sign. If you’ve met someone who doesn’t seem to fit their zodiac profile, check out what their other signs are. Your moon sign rules the subconscious side of your personality. This affects your feelings and how you react to highly emotional situations. Your rising sign determines your social personality. This shows in your physical appearance and style.

Use your love compatibility results to guide your romantic explorations, but don’t let them serve as the definitive means of deciding whether you can have a rewarding relationship with someone. Instead, use this information to highlight areas where you are likely to be comfortable and identify areas where you might want to use more consideration and understanding. Ultimately, any two signs can get along well if both partners are commit to the relationship and share mutual love and respect for each other.