ASP Dot Net is a Microsoft platform and was released as a result of the company’s intense research to come up with the platform that allows developers to create dynamic web pages and applications. The previous Active Server Pages (ASP) was re engineered to come up with this extremely robust and intricate platform that opened up a world of possibilities for developers around the world. It .NET programmierer was the first platform that allowed programmers code for both client-side and server-side scripts and changed the rules of the game. Now, there are certain other programming languages that allow scripting for dynamic applications, but remains the most trusted platform among developers. PHP has also become quite popular as a programming platform that allows developers to create complicated dynamic applications, but it does not offer the kind of security that ASP dot net is able to provide.

Net programmer

ASP Dot Net is an intricate platform with a consummate library of classes that lists pre-coded functions with the objective of helping programmers with the most of difficult of challenges they face during development. Given the breadth of the platform, it takes a seasoned professional with a good amount of experience in his name, to be able script on the this platform. Of course, there are a number of novice programmers, who try their hand at programming, but you must keep yourself at least a hundred paces away from them. While PHP can be handled by almost any programmer with some experience of programming with Java or Perl, ASP Dot Net is a vast platform and only a professional Dot Net programmer can successfully code for complicated dynamic web pages and applications.

Finding a professional dot net programmer is not difficult at all. In fact, the Indian market will be able to give you a lot of choice, when you are looking for accomplished programmers for your project. Indian companies have been working as offshore IT outsourcing companies for the global market for quite some time now. They have produced quality work of the global standard for a large number of companies across the world, and have built an amazing resource base in the process. Nowadays, these companies in India provides some of the most technically superior and cost effective services around the world. Previously, it was difficult for companies in the small and medium enterprise sector to invest in development projects for automation. Now however, with ASP dot net and the services provided by the Indian market, companies can easily hire dot net developer for the automation of their business processes.

There is a unique service model called dedicated hiring that is being offered by several Indian companies these days. With this model, companies can actually choose to hire dot net developer on a full-time, part-time, wo finde ich programmierer or hourly basis. Because these dedicated hiring platforms are usually associated with the established companies, clients also have the assurance of quality service from accomplished professionals. Also, the cost of hiring dot net developers is as low as $10 to $12 per hour. It is a perfect opportunity for SMEs to enter into the development.