Hire a dedicated software development team

Hire a dedicated development team with strong expertise in most on-demand technologies and innovative approaches to software development. Eliminating the need of handling a hiring process on your own, we compile an experienced dedicated team that fits your project requirements the best.
When you work with a dedicated software development team, you have a group of IT experts and dedicated team developers who are completely focused on your product. The outsourcing vendor is in charge of acquiring new professionals as well as providing administrative assistance to the dedicated development team.
When you harness dedicated development team services, your team of professionals will comprise software developers, product designers, a product manager, devops engineers, a project manager, and a quality assurance team. However, at Newxel, we can include any other expert talent you want to be part of the team.

Choose the right software development team

The best time for startups and small companies to hire dedicated software development team is for creating an MVP (when the company has received investments or raised its own money). They can also hire a dedicated team when they have successfully created an MVP and are ready to scale the product.
A dedicated development team is a perfect option if you need to find developers for a startup, a project with changing requirements, a solution that needs improvements, or a long-term project with ongoing updates. With thousands of software development teams worldwide, you can certainly find software developers to cover the needs of your specific project.
A dedicated software development team is an excellent alternative for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Clients who have used this cooperation model in the past are pleased with the results. The dedicated team’s remarkable efficiency in project execution is attributed to a variety of advantages:

Evaluate your software development team

Regularly communicate with your software developers and participate in the software development process. Have a one-on-one discussion with the staff to discuss your demands and expectations. You’ll be able to communicate all of your needs directly to the person in charge of design, development, or quality assurance as a result.
Get a detailed consultation on your project from our managers before hiring a dedicated development team. We can advise you about the number and required skills of tech professionals. Then, we’ll keep our hand at your pulse to create a great team, identify the best technological solution, assist with other related issues, and complete the SDLC.
Being responsive is an essential part of managing a dedicated team. Software engineers may have dozens of questions, big or small, that need to be answered if you want your product to meet your expectations. The feedback of a product owner is what guides the remote tech pros who can’t casually meet you in the office kitchen and say “I’ve been thinking that there is a better way to implement that feature.” Sometimes, your answer defies the next steps of the employee, and while you’re procrastinating, the person (or the team) doesn’t know what to do next. This slows down the development pace and leaves the workers frustrated.