Holistic health refers to the term that encompasses the entire health structure, i.e., mind, body, and soul, and addresses them all at once. The whole meaning of the holistic health approach rests on the theory that all parts (mind, body, and spirit) are interconnected and interdependent. Holistic, derived from the Greek word “holo,” suggests that the healing of a human can only be possible if all the parts are treated simultaneously.

The holistic approach encircles a variety of healing techniques, including yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and medications drawn from various religious aspects. It also emphasizes the diet routine we follow and concentrates on the foods that are known to heal. In simple terms, less processed and sugary items.

In today’s day and age, holistic healthcare will be a popular mode of treatment, considering that mental traumas, social anxieties, and depleting physical health are miseries for many around the globe. In that case, a holistic healing approach will consider the external environment and surroundings that might affect the person’s overall health.

Principles of Holistic Health

As we have discussed, holistic health takes a vast commence toward healing and goes further than just addressing the physical factors. The principles of holistic health are physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. The belief that all these factors are combined and connected to form a healthier, happier life is the actual essence of holistic healing.


Physical health, which is commonly associated with overall health, is one of the five aspects of Holistic Healing. It is vital to keep your physical health in check to run through our fast-paced environment. At the same time, due to the flow of errands, we neglect to maintain our physical health and put little to no effort towards our physical well-being. To stay fit, we must at least follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Below are some measures of healthy lifestyle practice:

  • Get a good sleep
  • Maintain your proteins and carbs
  • Exercise for 30 minutes minimum
  • Refrain from developing a smoking habit, and keep alcohol consumption as low as possible


Mental health is a factor that is being heavily stressed today. There is no denying that mental health is as important as the rest of the holistic healing principles. It can positively or negatively impact physical health, given the state of mind. To prevent the adverse effects on mental health, you must;

  • Practicing meditation to relieve stress
  • Mindfulness activities such as gardening or yoga
  • Food management can also help in stabilizing mental health


Spiritual health is commonly associated with religious practices, and rightly so. A deep and strong connection with your faith saves you from being demotivated and lost. Besides the religious aspect, spiritual health also means you have a close bond with nature. Appreciating the crafts of nature and understanding the logic behind the presence of natural elements helps you find your inner soul and connect with it.


Emotional health refers to the acknowledgment of the emotions we feel under different conditions. By prioritizing emotional health, we can thrive in relationships leading to a happier, healthier life. Factors of maintaining quality emotional health include:

  • Spending time with your family and friends
  • Opting for therapy when needed
  • Keeping a check on your thoughts and feelings


The last aspect of holistic health is social well-being. In today’s techno-centric world, we overlook the importance of in-person communications and bind ourselves to social media and digital applications. Friends, family, and community are the vital components of social health. Social health emphasizes face-to-face connections and balancing digital and physical society.

We can sense that all the principles of holistic health share multiple similar factors that, when combined, form an overall positive environment for humans to lead a positive and stress-free lifestyle.

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