It is critical to ensure a hassle free order by collecting the right patient information and submitting corrected claims right on the first attempt. Inaccuracies set up the claim for denials and can lengthen the AR cycles right from the start.

The expenses for recovering money from one claim increases and thus it is always pertinent to reduce down your operational expenses right at the onset. A hospital account receivable begins to accumulate, age and becomes a nuisance for the providers if not attended by specialized intervention.

Finding a trusted partner that can help in managing your collections will be the best way forward. Choosing someone that can go deep and recover all your dues by extending qualitative assistance is the order of the day. Hence, it is pertinent to choose someone that can work as your ideal partner. It can eliminate a lot of challenges in the long run.

Advantage with Sunknowledge

Over the last fifteen years, our expertise in managing claims, per diems, appeals are second to none. We are working with some of the largest hospitals, health systems of the country and have excellent references.

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