Every hotel strives for positive feedback, repeat business, and positive reviews. Even if the source of a guest’s unhappiness may frequently be avoided, not every hotel receives them. Here is a collection of the best travel advice from hotel guests to the establishments where they stayed. This input could go a long way toward changing a guest’s opinion from “Disappointing” or “Meh” to “I’ll be staying here whenever I’m in town from now on.”

Hotel visitors’ travel advice to hotel owners

There are numerous ways the hotel can make the bathroom in a guest’s room more convenient and comfortable.
White space. The bathroom counter should accommodate at least two toiletry bags, or a shelf should be installed. Additionally, there should be a rack or shelf in the bathtub to accommodate a razor and any soap or hair products brought from home.
One-time use plastics If you care about the environment, you may cringe at the sight of those tiny plastic bottles. In the shower, wall-mounted shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel dispensers are preferable for individuals who feel this way.
Because there is no other option, many guests wash objects in the hopes that they would dry overnight by hanging them on doorknobs or showerheads. Hotels may give a retractable clothesline as a superior alternative.
It is preferable if there are more places to hang items in the bathroom besides the shower curtain rod. It is especially convenient that so many hotels now recommend that visitors reuse towels over numerous days. Adding hooks to this option would make it more enjoyable and convenient.

Otherwise In The Room

Guests require a listing of all television stations. Additionally, it would be convenient if the television were configured to return to the same channel it was on when it was last turned off. Guests frequently like to return to the same channel and resent having to look for it.
The vault. These days, a safe may be used to protect more than just money. It should be able to accommodate a tablet or laptop. It should also be positioned so that accessing it does not require sitting on the floor.
Luggage racks. Although hotel rooms designed for dual occupancy are adequately equipped in other areas, they rarely have more than one luggage rack. There should be two to avoid having to improvise a second one from a chair or the cabinet on which the television or coffeemaker rests.

Room Allocation

It is conceivable to check into a hotel with a beautiful view and discover that the view is not for you or your room. Your room’s window overlooks a roof with air ducts or something equally unattractive.

If you did not make a reservation and are accepting what is available, this is acceptable. However, if you have had a reservation for an extended period of time, this is poor customer service. When a reservation is made, hotels are not required to assign rooms until the guest checks in. They might do it beforehand and match the guest with the nicest room in his or her pricing range.

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