Often when we think about wellness routine, pampering our body with some essential oils invariably comes to our mind. Massage has been a great part of wellness since ages and health experts recommend a good massage often for enjoying overall health and wellness. Instead of enjoying a massage therapy only when on vacation you can make it a part of your routine and indulge in massage on a regular basis. Modern day healers believe that massage combined with Japanese healing technique Reiki is an enhanced way to reduce stress, anxiety and feel more balanced and healthier. Reiki healing hands is undoubtedly the positive way to channelize the positive energy into the body to promote balance and total harmony.

Massage as the ancient art of healing offers wide range of health benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety to improving circulation and joint mobility. Reiki is magical treatment that provides manifold benefits when put together with a great massage. Especially when you are experiencing physical and emotional issues besides body pain or stiffness in your joints, Reiki and massage can work wonders. The two different healing techniques of Reiki and massage complement each other giving you a more balanced and healthier feeling.

There are ample health benefits of Reiki healing hands and massage therapy. Reiki practitioners find that their patients have a lot of blockages and this is where Reiki helps to an optimum extent. Reiki helps to release emotional and energy blockages and once these blockages are released, it allows free flowing energy throughout the body. Further it aids in improving physical and emotional health.

While the main function of massage is to break up physical blockages in the body, Reiki with its spiritual quotient leads you to experience the release of tapped energy. As these blockages are free, they help in improving circulation and improve joint mobility. For patients with issues related to immunity and allergies, massage can boost immune system to promote overall health benefit. Elderly people troubled with insomnia can find relief with Reiki and massage modality.

Indeed combining two holistic methods is flawless way to improve your health and happiness and take it to the next level.

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