The Orthodontics Park Avenue treatments are for people of all ages, adults, and children, to align and correct any problems with their teeth. The new technology of today is giving people positive results with personalized treatments to improve their appearance and their smiles.

The first visit to the orthodontist is when your child is at a young age, it is necessary to get a full exam to find out if their jaw and their teeth are aligned and there is sufficient space for new teeth to grow. But, if you are an adult and are having problems with the appearance of your teeth, there are new treatments to improve your smile, without making you feel uncomfortable.

The Orthodontics in NYC offers different types of braces for young children and also for adults. The Damon System does not use elastic ties like the traditional braces, therefore, the results are faster, and your appointments with the doctor will be reduced as the braces do not need many adjustments.

The Invisalign Treatment is perfect for adults that do not wish to show the wires and the brackets from traditional braces. These medical-grade plastic aligners are designed to fit your own needs and will add pressure to your teeth to move them to the correct position. Another benefit of using Invisalign is that you can remove them when brushing and flossing, and also when eating and drinking. No one will notice that you are using them.

The Orthodontics Park Avenue includes surgical procedures to correct any abnormalities in the jaw, these treatments are for people who have to develop improper bites. But if you suffer from temporomandibular symptoms as neck and shoulder pain or jaw pain, an early diagnosis with a treatment option can improve any of these conditions.

Fortunately, each patient is treated differently and the method you choose to correct any problem you may have, will depend on your own needs, and budget. There are treatments to correct your jaw or bite and there are treatments to align your teeth in the right position. Whatever your needs are, the new technology used by the Orthodontist is to give you the solution you are looking for.

In fact, with the new Sure Smile digital technology the diagnosis is more accurate and the treatment options more effectively. With these new technologies, you will spend less time in the office and more time enjoying your new smile.

There are solutions for any problems related to your bite, jaw or teeth and they are available to all patients. If you have some concerns about the appearance of your teeth; there are several options and treatments that can fit your budget to improve your smile for years to come.

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