Do you know that most marriages fail in this world for two major reasons? First, two people who are bound in a marital relationship do not cooperate with each other while performing different yet instrumental tasks in their personal lives. Second, the guardians or relatives of the bride and groom want their advice or instructions to be followed in the new couple’s life to a great extent. This is why most married people fail to live their newly established life cheerfully and sooner or later the news of fall apart pops up.

Now we want to know, is the same sort of thing happening with you too? Are you also grappling with your current marital bonding big time? If your answer is yes, we would suggest going through certain tips or strategies to fix your personal life issues easier than harder and take your happiness and contentment to the next level. However, before you practice any of the solutions mentioned below, please make sure to consult the Best Astrologer in Virginia so that any possibility of faults or errors can be removed completely. Ok? Got it? Now, let’s commence with:

In what ways the Best Astrologer in Virginia can aid in your relationship concerns?

Best Astrologer in Virginia

  • Overall chart
    First up, you must be aware that there is no birth chart or natal chart perfectly suitable for marriage. Yes. Every chart consists of a few malefic planets present in one house or another. And they are the ones that impact the relationship houses or celestial objects. In that sense, if you are getting hitched to the person of your choice, then you must be planning to live together for 20-25 years at least. Now do you think that if any Dasha and planet will stay static for such a long time ahead? Of course not! The odds are high that one or the other Dasha will activate some of your houses, such as:

    1. 6th house
    2. 8th house
    3. 12th houseĀ 
    4. Saturn
    5. Rahu
    6. Ketu, or
    7. Mars

    And sooner or later, the malefic effects will transfer over your 6th house, 7th house, or the moon or Venus. So, do you think it will be feasible to create a happy love story throughout your life? Obviously, not! Therefore, it is essential to realize that you will also face several issues in your marital relationships like other people. And it is you and your partner’s job to look for relevant solutions to make your marriage work. However, if you are not able to find even one solution that can work wonders in your life, please make sure to have a discussion on this matter with a popular Astrologer in Pennsylvania. Yes. If you do this, the possibilities are high that you will learn how to keep your marital relationship running for a long time while enjoying each and every moment you go through.

  • Dusthana houses
    Many astrology experts say that 6th, 8th, and 12 houses in your birth chart or natal chart should be blank in ideal conditions. However, if there are some celestial objects in these houses, they should be benefic ones in good dignity. And do you know the reason? Well, the heavenly objects in good dignity will protect the concerned native from any dispute or conflict in their life. Even if the circumstances make them separate from their life partner or better half, it will happen for good reasons, like profession and all instead of conflicts or disputes. So, the crux of the matter is that if you find any harmful celestial body in Dusthana houses in your astrological chart, especially when their dignity is not that good, it is a sensible decision to set up a formal meeting with the Best Astrologer in Virginia and seek promising solutions from them.
  • 7th house and 7th house lord
    Coming to the next most important element in astrology, i.e., the 7th house of your astrological chart. Yes. This house is the main house of relationship which throws light on how we deal in our relationships. Now if an Astrologer in Pennsylvania sees that your 7th house is heavily influenced by malefic planets, then you should look for a reliable partner who has some benefic planets in their 7th house. However, you must be familiar with the fact that the 7th house is not mainly responsible for causing disputes since that is the job of the 6th house. 7th house simply highlights the kind of relationship that you may possess. That means, if both parties in a marital relationship are ready to cooperate with each other, then things can still work wonders with harmful planets in the 7th house.
  • Venus position
    Can you please tell us if you are informed that Venus is the main heavenly object of relationship and devotion? Yes, it is true. The great or average position of Venus suggests that the native could be devoted towards their relationships. Still, you must be notified that the house and sign positions of Venus are quite instrumental in this case. Do you know why? Because as per the Best Astrologer in Virginia, if Venus remains in relationship-oriented houses but is affected by malefic planets or stays in bad dignity, it indicates that some problems will take place in relationships.


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