The days of disregarding kids’ trends and fashion are long gone. Nowadays, parents are managing customised photo shoots for their kids as they become more trend-aware. Kids have even begun ramp walking as a result of this.


They gain more confidence as a result of this in addition to looking nice and modern. They develop a sense of style by dressing like grownups, which is beneficial.


The choice of fashionable clothing, however, might occasionally be perplexing for parents. Nobody would invest money in the fashion of the past since fashion trends change frequently.


The 2022 fashion trends that are listed here might aid parents in selecting the best one for their children.


First and foremost, comfort should always come first when styling children’s clothing. For youngsters, a checked sweater is a practical and cosy choice that can be easily dressed up or down depending on the situation.


As parents, you occasionally run out of options for dressing your children in a stylish and current manner. We have your back!


Every season, mascaa enhances its range with stylish children’s clothing. Recently, we expanded our popular winter collection with new products.


Let’s now examine various methods to wear the plain-checked sweatshirt.


Casual attire

Kids’ checked sweatshirts can be worn casually by teaming them with chinos or trousers and a pair of sneakers. For a more relaxed appearance, you could even wear a graphic t-shirt underneath the sweatshirt. This is a timeless, carefree appearance that is ideal for playdates or school.


A Polished Image

Try wearing the checked sweatshirt with a skirt or dress pants and boots for a more put-together appearance. This is a fantastic choice for family get-togethers or special events. Consider wearing the sweatshirt on top of a simple t-shirt or blouse to give the ensemble a bit of shine.


Include more layers


Layering a checked sweatshirt over a t-shirt or long-sleeved top is another option to wear it. This is a fantastic choice for cooler climates and offers more flexibility in terms of the overall appearance.


Denim is always a good idea.


Your child’s winter attire will look more stylish if you wear a collared denim shirt underneath it. The sweatshirt’s collar can be layered on top of it, and you can even look at the shirt’s bottom. If the weather is not too cool, roll the cuff of the denim shirt over the cuff of the sweatshirt to give the outfit additional movement.

Couple with shorts


Lightweight children’s sweatshirts and shorts provide for a more comfortable summer look. Shorts are available in a variety of styles, from plain to printed, and you may get them online.


Finalize the project


If you want to give your kids a polished and fashionable look, watches are the ideal accessory. However, spend your money on a watch with a basic band and face.


Think about accessorising with a silly hat or a vibrant scarf to give the ensemble some colour and personality.

Last Words


A checked sweatshirt is a versatile and cosy option for kids, regardless of how you decide to wear it. Have fun trying with several appearances to choose which suits your child’s fashion best.


A basic sweatshirt with a round collar is always an option if you are unsure about a checkered sweater. We offer kids’ clothing at affordable prices at mascaa.


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