The biggest festival of Indian cricket – the Indian Premier League is less than three months away. If you are a fantasy buff and have already started preparing to win big in the IPL season, then this blog is a must read for you. When the IPL is on, there is a lot at stake not just for the franchise owners and the players but also for the fans and fantasy players like all of us. During the IPL, top fantasy cricket apps like Vision11 turn into a real money-earning app. So, if you are wondering how you can encash it big time and gain some fortune, then do read this article till the article. Here, we will discuss the tips and tricks to help you top the mega leaderboard.

Fans eagerly wait for the IPL not only for the swashbuckling on-field action but also because fantasy platforms bring various innovative contests and opportunities to win. The fantasy platforms are aware that people will invest both money and time during the IPL and it is the perfect time to grow the business. Similarly, fans also do their own research about teams, players and in-depth analysis to make sure that they can accumulate good winnings from such contests when the tournament is on.

However, not everyone can make profits or be on the positive earning side despite being very knowledgeable about the sport. So, what separates the winners from the rest? We will dig deep and take a look at how even you can be the next fantasy champion.

Here are the major tips on how you can top the fantasy leaderboard during IPL:

1. Play contests regularly

It is very important that you participate in leagues and contests on a regular basis. The more you participate, the further your chances of winning increases. Regular participation also means that you research regularly and do in-depth analysis which will help you to create good teams based on form and statistics. Therefore, it is obvious that regular participation will not only increase your knowledge about the game but also multiply your chances of winning prizes.

2. Join Multiple contests

Top fantasy cricket apps like Vision11 have multiple contests for a single match. For example, Vision11 provides more than twenty contests for a single fixture – Mega Grand League, Beat the Champion, Giveaway contest to name a few. Each contest has a different entry fee and prize money at stake. It is fun to play these contests and at the same time, if you join multiple contests, it increases your chances of winning. This is a very effective way which you can try if you want to be a Leaderboard winner during IPL.

3. Detailed research and analysis

Before you make a heavy investment, it is very important that you do proper research and analysis  on teams, form and player statistics. The research should be done in a timely manner and not in a haste while the tournament is on. Proper preparation goes a long way in helping you win. Always remember, fantasy sports is never down to luck. It is a skill-based game and only those who invest time for a detailed research are the ones who eventually emerge as winners.

When does the 2023 IPL season start and what are the changes from last season?

The sixteenth edition of the Indian Premier League is scheduled to begin from March 2023. IPL’s mini-auction recently concluded on December 23 and all the squads are now set. Sam Curran was bought by Punjab Kings for ₹18.50 crore, making him the most expensive player in IPL history. Cameron Green and Ben Stokes were the other big earners. All teams look balanced on paper and they will be raring to go in three months’ time.

The biggest change that will be implemented this year in the IPL is the use of an Impact Sub. The impact sub rule is being implemented in the IPL for the first time ever and that means it will not only affect the tactics on the field but will also have a say in how fantasy users strategise while forming their teams. The ‘Impact Player Rule’ allows every team to have players named in a 15-man squad for each match and they can be substituted any time during a team’s innings by the 14th over.

Now that you have a fair idea how you can top the IPL leaderboards, it’s important that you already start researching about the minute details. Even though there are more than two months to go, there is never a bad time to start your preparations. Go through each squad in detail, try to chalk out the predicted starting XIs and that could be a great way to start!

As we proceed closer to the tournament, it’s important that your research involves deeper analytics. Fantasy cricket depends a lot on research and a fantasy cricket app like Vision11 can turn into a real money-earning app if you follow the basics well. Team formation, player form, head to head statistics, pitch conditions and other analytical stuff play a pivotal role in the eventual fantasy results. Most users playing fantasy cricket are knowledgeable and hence, it is important that you go the extra mile to clinch the title.