Parents in Manchester cannot care for their children or teenagers for various reasons. They might have a condition or be dealing with family issues, but tragically it’s also possible that they’ve been neglected somehow. UK Fostering needs foster parents in Manchester to provide these kids with care, guidance, and security.

You don’t need training or experience. The first qualifications for becoming a foster parent include having at least one empty bedroom in your home, a nurturing and caring personality, and enough energy to provide a child with a safe and supportive environment. You may join our Manchester foster care team if you’re up for it.

Because UK Fostering is the most prominent organisation in the UK that is wholly focused on fostering, we can provide for children nationally. Any additional funds are reinvested to provide foster parents who are thinking about fostering with more assistance and training.

We provide our foster parents with training and community support as one of the top fostering agencies in Greater Manchester, so they can help change the lives of children. Because we reinvest excess cash, we may provide assistance above and above what a fostering charity would typically offer. Two examples are a specialised education service and an internet gateway for foster care. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for fostering agencies in Manchester City Council.

As a foster care organisation, we go above and beyond to look after our foster parents and the kids they look after. Through our UK fostering connect programme, children who leave the foster care system are assured lifetime support from UK Fostering.

UK Fostering goes above and beyond to support our foster parents and the children they care for at every point when it comes to fostering in Manchester City Council.

We are committed to giving voice to children and young people in care. Their requirements and preferences drive everything we do. We actively support changes to laws and policies that will enable children and teenagers to realise their full potential.

The needs of children and young people are prioritised above all else at UK Fostering. Because of this, we carefully and effectively match kids with our vast network of foster parents around the country. We never urge any of our carers to accept a placement just because there is a bed available; instead, we always try to match each young person with the most appropriate carers.

Good matching will enable young people to flourish and feel supported and at home in their foster home, ensuring that placements are secure and long-lasting and, ideally, lowering the possibility of placements failing, which may be emotionally stressful for both the young people and foster carers.

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