The world of healthcare has taken numerous turns to make patient care quality better. To foster this, the rise of custom web application is seen evidently in the industry. The role of technology in healthcare has been a boon as it assists in making the process efficient. Also, to overall enhance patient care quality, there is a need for Clinical trials and medical research.
Custom web applications developed by web application development service providers are known for their unique abilities. The tech space has evolved so much in the last few years that now it is capable of handling something as crucial as healthcare. Honestly, till now, most of the custom applications developed for the healthcare sector have added efficiency to the process.

Custom Web Applications and Their Role in Medical Research

When we talk about technology, the critical work is to collect data via technology and process it later when needed. The same goes for the healthcare industry, where every bit of data is crucial to make the process more efficient. Customized web applications are known to make life easier for medical record keepers, hospitals, and providers. Their primary aim is to ensure that the patient data, treatment plan, and disease details are all recorded in detail. With this data, there’s a lot that can be done, such as

  • Assisting clinical trials- With a lot of patient and healthcare data, new medical innovations can be fostered. There are critical innovations in the field of healthcare that need attention. However, due to the lack of data, it often happens that such new innovations are not practiced. To resume them, it is highly mandatory that the data is genuinely collected with the help of tech. And this is where a custom web application comes to the rescue, as it quickly collects valuable patient data.
  • Medical Research- Research is a continuous process, and in healthcare, it is the pillar of the entire industry. The better research is done, the world will receive an even better result, which will add value. To foster such research, the need for crucial medical data is catered to by custom web applications. The data collected by various custom web applications via multiple channels is used for research. This ensures that the data is from genuine sources and there’s no disparity in the entire process.

Data Collection Points

Custom software for healthcare is of numerous types that collect data in various ways. Some of them are-

Electronic Health Record

EHRs are every healthcare organization and provider’s favorite custom software. This is because it makes life easy for both patients and providers. Gone are the days when patients had to carry truckloads of documents for their medical history. Now, the same can be easily done with an EHR platform. The platform keeps updating as there are treatments or medications going on. So, every move you make to the physician will be covered in detail on the EHR.
This makes it a genuine source of data that can be further used in clinical trials and medical research.

Patient Portals

For every healthcare organization, patient portals are the most crucial data center. Such portals are developed as a part of custom software development projects by top-rated web application development service providers. All the patient and provider data is stored in this central repository known as the patient portal. Through this, patients can be tracked in terms of their post-discharge care. It eases the communication between a doctor and a patient, making it more efficient.
These portals have huge amounts of data and information on patient status, illnesses, treatment, and post-discharge recovery. Such data in one place makes it easier to use for medical research.

Health Card

While everybody’s target is to develop website applications, we need to remember the value health card adds to the entire system. This is crucial in terms of gauging the expense data of a patient for the various healthcare related services.
If understanding the healthcare spend is a target for some medical research, these health cards offer sufficient information. To migrate to a value-based care model as suggested by the CMS, the use of such data is crucial as it helps set the budget for CMS members.


Custom web applications are playing an increasingly important role in clinical trials and medical research. By collecting and organizing data from multiple sources, including electronic health records, patient portals, and health cards, custom web applications can help researchers to identify trends, develop new hypotheses, and design more effective trials. Custom web applications can also help to streamline the clinical trial process by making it easier for researchers to recruit participants, collect data, and track results. This can lead to quicker and more efficient development of new treatments and cures.

Overall, custom web applications are a valuable tool for clinical trials and medical research. They offer a number of benefits over traditional methods of data collection and analysis, making them an essential part of the modern healthcare landscape.