How difficult is it to become a citizen of the United States? This question appears to be frequently asked these days, which is a good thing because people are eager to become full citizens. The new laws enacted by the Trump administration have made it extremely difficult for people of all nationalities to become citizens of the United States. So, how difficult would be the renewal of passport and to become a citizen of the United States? That depends on a number of factors, which are discussed further below.

How difficult is it to become a citizen of the United States?

It should not be so difficult to become a citizen of the United States, but it is due to the lengthy processing time, financial and personal costs, and the fact that most immigrants do not have a direct relative who is a citizen of the United States. USCIS requirements are also very complex for u.s. passport renewal and may be incomprehensible to outsiders.

Leaving your home and moving to a new location is a difficult decision. Some people accuse those who move abroad of being disloyal. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your life for any reason. Moving to a foreign land is perfectly acceptable if you want to pursue a better future and your country does not provide you with the opportunity to do so, or if you require some freedoms that are not available where you live. 

Are you eligible?

As we all know, many people want to become US citizens, and one can become a citizen of the country if he or she is born there or if relatives or parents are US citizens. A person from another country who wishes to become a citizen of the United States must first complete the naturalisation process. It is not an easy process, and you will not be granted citizenship simply by filling out forms; you will be required to attend interviews and take tests. It will take a long time to complete this process. The citizenship application must meet all of the constitution’s requirements. It will only be approved after it has been reviewed.

So, how difficult is it to become a citizen of the United States?

We would recommend that any natural-born US citizen learn more about this process, if only to understand what it takes for skilled people to get through the system.

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