There have been many surprising developments in the cannabis plant in recent years. In the third quarter of 2019, Italian researchers discovered THCP. There is a 30% increase in strength over the previously known form of THC.

Items that claim to be bulk will be available online by 2023. Scientists are still testing this new cannabis compound to determine its strength. Learn about THCP and its differences from other cannabis compounds. Also, find out when THCP products will be safe for human consumption. You can buy thcp carts wholesale from the best online shop at iDelta8.

What exactly is THCP?

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) is a new form of THC with 30 times the potency of traditional THC. The product is also one of the most popular THC products on the legal market. THCP continues to be the subject of intensive research in the USA and internationally.

This article examines the efforts of Italian researchers to discover new cannabinoids for Cannabis Sativa. Some strains are more powerful than others because they contain small amounts.

Overview of the THCP

  • Cannabinoids have been discovered to be a natural ingredient.
  • The market is extremely murky at the moment
  • Cannabinoid receptors have been activated.
  • CBDP is also available in a CBD-rich variant.

What makes THCP unique?

Researchers used CP55940 as a comparison of THCP and other THC types.

Is THCP synthetic?

THCP is naturally found in cannabis. However, it is necessary to synthesize it. It has both good and bad sides.

What’s the purpose of THCP?

THCP is currently not available for purchase. Scientists continue their research into the origins and effects of THCP. Future THC and CBD can be obtained from the “Phorol” cannabinoids.

Is THCP legal?

THCP does not constitute a controlled substance. Cannabinoids such as THCP or delta8 extracted from hemp are different from THC derivatives.

Synthetic THCP could soon become a standard part of prescription drugs. We will soon have a rational and compassionate law that regulates the distribution and use of this promising and powerful cannabis oil.

Is it possible online to order THCP?

A few months ago, the simple answer was “No.” In recent months, many companies began selling products that claimed to contain THCP.

THCP product pages contain false information and exaggerated claims. Some things may need to be corrected. THCP product safety seems too good to be true. was only discovered two months ago.