Easy ways to change your flight with Air Canada

There are several reasons why passengers need to change their flights. However, it can be in the middle or last days before the departure. But, the main thing is to know how to change the flight with Air Canada.

It’s the largest Canadian airline where travellers are provided with the best in-flight services. Travelling with signature services, also known as airlines business class, offers premium services. These include high-end comfort & other facilities.

You are going to enjoy the entire trip along with the whole family.

How do I change my flight on Air Canada?

If you wish to change the flight, then below are the points:

  1. You first need to either visit the official website or get access to the Air Canada app.
  2. Now, open the main page & here, multiple options are available, but changing flights can be found in manage booking options.
  3. On the homepage, look for my booking options.
  4. Here, there are different types of booking & you can access your bookings.
  5. After that, click on schedule flight change & mention the details like your PNR number and the valid information to make the changes.
  6. As you submit, you’ll receive a new flight schedule, but before that, you need to choose the new destination followed by the travel date & origin.
  7. However, you can view the new flight list if you need clarification on the booking and can go for flexible dates.
  8. It’ll provide you with a better option to make the selection.
  9. Now, choose the flight according to preference & that fits your budget.
  10. Proceed to make the payment; if the new flight cost is the same as the previous, then it’s fine; otherwise, you need to pay the fare difference.
  11. In the end, you’ll receive the booking confirmation in your registered mail.

For more details, refer to Air Canada Change Flight policy.

How many times can you change the flight with Air Canada?

There is a limit for everything & the same goes for any airline’s flight change. Here, you can change the flight once & which is applicable for both refundable & non-refundable.

But, it would help if you made the changes 2 hrs before the scheduled flight departure. But, for some fares, it may not be possible & here are the ways below:

  1. Visit the official website of Air Canada
  2. Here, you need to enter the booking reference number along with the last name
  3. Now, click on the flight change option & select the new one by entering the confirmed details.
  4. However, move towards the payment option & pay the flight change fee.

How much do you need to pay to change the flight with the flex fare?

Now, to change the flight under the flex fare, less expensive than standard economy, the charges are $50 within 60 days and $25 for the next day.

Moreover, for the comfort fares, the passengers need to provide $25 for each flight irrespective of the time. On the other hand, you can make the changes within 24 hrs to avoid the change fee.

Flight change service:

However, in some situations, travellers are not convinced about their current flight features. In this scenario, they go ahead and change their flight to enjoy it much better.

On the other hand, you can review the Change Air Canada Flight terms & conditions. These things will help you to make the changes without any issues.