The ever-useful option of Alaska Airlines Manage Booking can be utilized in so many ways that your trip will be smoother than before. You can refer to this page by Flight Info Desk to get all the information on Alaska Airlines Manage my Booking.

Ways to Alaska Airlines Manage Booking


Visit the Alaska Airlines Official Website and navigate to the “Manage” tab. From there, you can log in to your account and view your reservation. You can make changes to your flight, select seats, add baggage, and more using the option of Alaska Airlines Manage Booking.

Mobile App:

Download the Alaska Airlines mobile app and log in to your account to access your reservation. You can view your flight details, change your seat assignment, check-in for your flight, and more.

Call Customer Service:

If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, you can call Alaska Airlines Customer Service. They can help you with any changes or modifications to your booking, such as adding baggage or changing your flight.

Airport Kiosk:

If you need to make changes to your booking on the day of your flight, you can use the self-service kiosks at the airport. These kiosks allow you to check-in for your flight, change your seat assignment, and more using the Alaska Airlines Manage my Booking option.

Benefits of Alaska Airlines Manage My Booking


With the Alaska Airlines Manage Booking option, you can make changes to your reservation online, over the phone, or at the airport. This allows you to be more flexible with your travel plans and make adjustments as needed.


You can manage your booking from anywhere, at any time, using a computer or mobile device. This eliminates the need to visit a ticket counter or call customer service during business hours.

Seat Selection:

You can use the manage booking option to select your seat or change your existing seat assignment. This is especially important if you have a preference for a certain seat, such as an aisle or window seat.

Baggage Options:

You can use the Alaska Airlines manage booking option to add or modify your baggage options. This can save you time and money at the airport, as you won’t have to pay higher fees for overweight or oversized baggage.

Flight Information:

You can view your flight itinerary and other important information, such as departure and arrival times, gate information, and connecting flight details. This allows you to stay informed and plan your travel accordingly.

Overall, the Alaska Airlines Manage Booking option offers convenience, flexibility, and control over your travel plans. By managing your booking online or using other self-service options, you can make changes and modifications as needed, without having to rely on customer service or airport staff. You can reach out to Flight Info Desk at any moment of the day to get more assistance at any hour of the day.