You might see the QuickBooks error OLSU 1013 while attempting to access your bank account through QuickBooks. Several causes working in consonance may lead to this error.

Through this blog we will go through all the different causes and the different methods to fix QuickBooks error OLSU 1013. So, read this blog all the way through.



Major causes leading to QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013

  • Using an out-of-date version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Entering the wrong login details.
  • Bank’s servers not responding due to backend maintenance.
  • The error could also be caused by technical network error while connecting QuickBooks with the bank server.
  • Internet Explorer might not be set up right.
  • Poor internet connection can also lead to QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013.


Methods to Rectify QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013

Checkout these methods in order to rectify the QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013:

Method 1: Enable TLS 1.2


  • Check to see which version of Internet Explorer is running. If it’s not the latest version, you should change it.
  • Go to the menu called “Internet Options,” then click on the “Advanced” tab.
  • You need to make sure that TLS 1.2 Protocol is turned on.
  • Go to the Security section and uncheck Use TLS 1.0 option.
  • Mark the Use TLS 1.2 box.
  • Tap “Apply.”
  • Click OK now. The changes you’ve made will be saved.


Method 2: Create another company file

  • Open QuickBooks first, then select File from the menu.
  • Next, pick “New Company.”
  • Choose Express Start from the menu.


  • Choose your bank account that is facing the issue.
  • Set up your account for a new test company bank feeds.
  • Test your account by downloading the Bank Feed Transactions.


Method 3: Creating & Merging Accounts

  • Right-click on the account that is facing Error OLSU 1013, and then choose the option to Edit Account.
  • Select Copy from the menu, then click on the name of the account next to it.
  • Put a star (*) after your account name.
  • Click on “Bank Feed Settings” next.
  • As the next step, choose the option to Turn Off All Online Services.
  • Press the Save and Close button.
  • You need to create a new account in the Chart of Accounts window.
  • Take out the (*), then copy and paste the account name here.
  • After you’ve closed this file, open it again.
  • After reopening the file, click on the (*) next to Chart of Accountants.
  • Then, click on account and select Edit Account.
  • Remove the (*), then click Save and Close.
  • When the Merge warning box appears on your screen, choose Yes.
  • Set up a bank feeds account by going to that page.
  • Download all of the transactions you’ve already put into the account.


Method 4: Turn off Accounts with Online Services

  • Click on Chart of Accounts.
  • Then, click the button that states Include Inactive.
  • If you are not using your account, you should turn off the bank feeds.
  • After you’ve closed the file, open it again.
  • Make sure that a bank feed is set up for each account.


Method 5: Check FIDIR

  • Log in to your QuickBooks account and choose Banking from the list of options.
  • You must now choose Bank Feeds.
  • Simply choose Bank Feeds Center.


  • After that, click Sync all.


  • Find Windows File Explorer now.
  • Keep going in this direction after that: Components are at C:/ProgramData/Intuit/QuickBooks XXXX/Components.
  • To select all the text in the active window, press Ctrl and A together.
  • To copy the text that is currently selected, press Ctrl+C keys.
  • The next step is to double-tap the file in the folder called fidir.txt.
  • Now, press and hold the Ctrl and A keys together to select all of the text. Then, hold down the Ctrl and V keys at the same time to paste the text.
  • To save this file, choose Save from the File menu at the top.
  • The last step is to make sure that this approach to fix QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 worked effectively.


Hopefully, the methods encapsulated in this article aided you in the process to fix QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013. Still having unaddressed queries? Just reach our team of 24/7 QuickBooks error experts by calling at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.