Paypal is an online service that enables monetary transactions and deals with the online exchange of money for personal and business reasons. Paypal is widely used because the process is easy and fast and can be used to send or receive money anywhere worldwide. If you wish to try Paypal services, then kindly try the ways explained below to How do I talk to a real person at PayPal? customer support.

Modes to contact Paypal:

By phone: You can call the customer support of Paypal and get a complete idea of the services it provides and related information. It is always advisable to understand before starting a monetary deal. So to call and speak to a Paypal person, try the steps:

  • Dial 1 402 935 2050
  • Hear the IVR 
  • Press the number specified for talking to a person at customer support.
  • Discuss your issues and queries in detail. 

By online chat: In case you are already using Paypal but certain doubts need clarification, you can instantly take the help of the live chat service and get connected with a customer support person in the given way:

  • Reach
  • Click on Help and contacts
  • Click on the online chat window
  • Enter your email or phone number or log in to your Paypal account
  • A chat window appears with several topics of queries
  • Select your topic and then
  • Enter your message 
  • Please send it to the customer support person for further conversation.

Besides these ways mentioned above, ofHow do I talk to a real person at Paypal,you can also log in to your account and join ‘Ask the community’ to get answers to some common queries from customer support immediately.