Are you looking to upgrade the backyard space of your home in San Francisco, CA? Adding hardscape features is a perfect way to improve your current quality of life, add curb appeal and resale value to your home. They increase the overall aesthetics, ambiance and functionality of your home’s backyard.

There are so many options available to homeowners to consider for your hardscaping needs that truly reflect their style and personality. Take a look at the post and know the hardscaping features you should add to your outdoor space.

Walkway –

A paving stone or asphalt walkway will help you add sophistication to your home’s overall appearance. A walkway that takes to your front door can appeal the attention of eyes inward while a walking leading around your home can add sheer elegance like no other. Even a walkway in your backyard space that leads to fountain, patio, fire pit or gazebo can add a manicured look to your space.

Fire Pit –

Everyone loves to sit around a fire pit especially during crispy summer nights. It is a type of hardscape feature, which is one of the most popular and appealing additions that draw the attention of most potential buyers. With so many styles available, it’s not difficult to choose the one complementing your landscaping. You can create your own with superb-quality pavers or stones.


Patio –

When it comes to taking hardscaping projects, the most hardscaping contractors in San Francisco, CA specialize in installing patios regularly. A patio can add usable living space to your backyard that translates into a much higher resale value. The best part of adding a patio is that most hardscape contractors near you can help you create a patio of virtually any shape and size to add a design element to your home.

Retaining Wall –

If your home is built on a hill, a retaining wall can help you prevent dirt and landscaping from sliding downward. It can help in eradicating soil erosion and protecting your home’s foundation. Retaining walls are structurally useful and can be decorative as you can easily transform your retaining walls into a flower bed or add steps to enhance its visual appeal and home’s resale value.

Water Fountain –

Water fountain can add tranquility that enhances curb appeal and brings in elegance to your property. This water feature can be built in the front or back of your home and doesn’t require much maintenance. In addition, you can get creative with their design, adding stone tiers, water plants and even fish.

Bottom Line –

These are the most common hardscaping features that you can consider adding to your backyard. Now you should take time to look for hardscape companies near you in San Francisco CA and find the one best matching your requirements.

The outdoor hardscape contractors must have experience and expertise to handle the hardscaping needs the best way as possible. They will help you increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home. Feel free to contact them and let them help you with your hardscaping project.