Dynamic solutions for your farming needs are always a great choice. It improves your farming productivity, saves time, and keeps you a step ahead in the case of farming. Combine concave is one of these modern technologies to help you on the farmlands. This giant machine is used to cut and separate grain.

However, farmers need to use it well because modern solutions can be problematic sometimes due to a lack of knowledge. Farmers need to do proper Combine Concave Setting before use to avoid such challenging situations. Continue below to learn more about it.

What is a Combine Concave?

Combine concave is a part of a giant machine – a Combine Harvester. This combine concave carries out two critical processes in the entire harvesting, which is on the farming land. These two processes are mainly known as threshing and winnowing.

The working process of this combine concave system is simple yet effective. It takes in the crop, threshes it, and separates the grain. You can find this system in the machine under a threshing cylinder.

Furthermore, this combine concave comes with a combine separator to perform a certain task for the farmer’s comfort and convenience. But the most important thing is that farmers must do the correct Combine Concave Setting in a way that benefits the farmer with time and money.

What does a Combine Separator in Concaves does?

The combine separator comprises a cleaning fan and lower & upper filters or sieves. It is mainly used with an aim. The aim is to float the grain’s mat and leftovers to the air cushion. It will make the process of falling down the leftovers seamless. Thus, the process of separation becomes more accessible and helps in farming.

According to Jeff Gray, a few farmers also use different techniques. They start with the top filter and carry out the cleaning process with the lower filter.

However, the lower filter is given to tweak the sample, whereas the upper filter should perform the entire separating process. Again in this process, the Combine Concave Setting plays an essential role in improving the operating performance of the enter and separating the grain.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best combine concaves, you can try out Estes Performance Concaves, one of the best providers. They mainly provide John Deere & XPR concaves for farmers’ different needs.


Combine concave is one of the best modern solutions for agricultural lands. Therefore, most farmers use this giant machine in their farming fields. However, combine concave comprises essential components, such as a header, feeder house, grain tank, and much more.

Out of these elements, the combine separator is of immense value. It separates smaller materials from large ones. For that, farmers need to manage the Combine Concave Setting in a way that doesn’t create problems for other processes and separates the smaller ones. Collect the complete information about this concave separator in our blog and learn more about this fascinating machine.