Many times you don’t want to leave your cozy house to drive to a nearby weed dispensary. Other times, you have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow you to visit a weed dispensary. It’s all good! Now you can have same-day weed delivery in Cambridge and Guelph. 

Yes! Now you can legally order your weed products by availing of weed delivery services in Guelph and Cambridge. Now that you know you can get your weed at your fingertips, you may be curious to know how same-day weed delivery works. We have pulled together the details below to educate you well on your way to placing your first weed delivery order. Let’s begin!

Pick your dispensary

You can easily find several online dispensaries that offer same-day weed delivery in Cambridge. However, keep in mind that each dispensary has its own hours of operation for delivery and minimal delivery fees. So, do a bit of research beforehand to determine which dispensary offers what you need at the best time and price. 

Pick your products

Once you select a dispensary, it is time to navigate the products you need and add them to your shopping cart. After adding your products to the cart, double-check your items and ensure they are correct. 

Enter your shipping and billing information

The next step is to add your shipping information. You may be asked for the details like name, address, contact number, etc. Some websites also allow you to fill in different shipping and billing addresses. You can also grab a discount on your purchases by applying special coupon codes. 

Place your order

Once you fill in all the details, all there is left to do is make the payment. You can either make an online payment or choose to pay cash on delivery. Delivery times can vary depending on several factors, including: 

  • Dispensary you have ordered from
  • Your proximity to the dispensary
  • The volume of orders a dispensary is getting at a time.

However, you can rest assured that most weed delivery in Guelph and Cambridge strive to get all the products delivered to customers within an hour or two. 

Accept your delivery

When the order arrives, the individual that has placed the order should be present to accept it. You may have to show your state-issued ID card to verify that you are of legal age to use weed and weed products. 

How much can weed delivery cost?

When you place an order with same-day weed delivery in Cambridge, you will pay the same price for cannabis products as you would in an offline store. However, each dispensary has its own delivery charges, and these charges can vary depending on the dispensary you choose. 

For instance, Greenleaf does not charge any fee for delivering your weed products as long as you get Weed delivery in Guelph and Cambridge. 

So now that you know everything about ordering your weed products online, you may be ready to place your first order. Research well and avail the benefits of online delivery today!