Invisalign is a clear aligner system that improves your teeth, making them much whiter. This information is backed by data of over 4 million cases. There is not another clear liner that can truly compete with Invisalign. If you are wanting weekly changes in aligner, you will be on your way to a happy and healthier smile.

For Invisalign in Orange CA, there is no better doctor than Dr. Sage Humphries. Dr. Sage aligners are made from material called “SmartTrack”, and provide for a better fitting and more comfortable aligner experience. There are many great benefits to straight teeth. These benefits however go far beyond just a confident smile.

The American Dental Association has previously stated that having straighter teeth can significantly improve your overall health. Invisalign is good for reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Who doesn’t want healthier teeth and gums? When it comes to swollen or red gums, the result can be that the actual teeth are too close together or too far apart. Problems like these can lead to periodontal disease. When the teeth are properly lined, the gums fit better around the teeth. This is the strongest defense against the potential dental problems.

Invisalign step in! These clear aligners fit comfortably and slowly, gradually move your teeth into their proper fit. No brackets. No Wires.

That’s why Dr. Sage offers Invisalign in Orange. By being close, his offices offer the most efficient and long lasting Invisalign teeth alignment. This also means easier cleaning and upkeep. Sometimes teenagers have admitted that having braces aren’t the most comfortable things to have in your mouth. What gets caught in braces? Well, food, of course! And, what can happen when food gets caught in braces? Plaque buildup or worse!

Invisalign offers removable aligners, so that brushing and flossing is done normally.

Your teeth are windows to your body’s overall health. Why not have the best for your teeth? Remember, both your teeth and gums, and how they look to others, are indicative of your overall health. People can see that if you are taking care of your teeth, then chances are, you are also taking good care of your body.

Bacteria causes gum disease and tooth decay. There can be devastating effects if these problems go unrecognized. Oral infections can lead to a world of serious ailments. The aligners made by Invisalign will help you make your daily oral hygiene a much easier and more comfortable task. Invisalign works so that you can have the confidence of a great smile that shows off your wonderful, overall health!

So try Invisalign today and see the results!

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