It is no doubt that small children learn fast and effectively through play-based activities. Just like the kids at a childcare in Singapore or primary school, learning through playing is simple for children to grab skills fast. In the rapidly changing education ecosystem, there is much emphasis on schools towards guided play methods for the benefit of early childhood learning. It allows small kids to indulge in playing activities along with learning at the same time.

If you are considering an international school for your kid and comfortable enough to pay IB school fees in Singapore, then ensure about the guided play.

What exactly is guided play for kids?

Guided play is a type of learning approach at international schools in Singapore. In this approach, small kids can engage in play under the supervision of adults and learn new skills at the same time. It’s a fun and interactive way to provide learning aspects to small children compared to traditional forms of teaching.

For instance, kids find it interesting to participate in guided play activities that involve puppets or art craft activities. One of the interesting types of guided play activity is the small setup of a supermarket inside the classroom. The teachers allow the kids to play the role of customers and shop for things at the supermarket. With the help of this play-based activity, kids get to learn how to shop for products at the supermarket.

Therefore, such kind of similar and other guide play activities are carried out to enhance the learning aspects of small kids.

Key benefits of guided play for kindergarten kids

In addition to providing a fun experience, guided play within early childhood education offers manifold benefits for children.

  • It allows children to learn new life skills and perform various tasks from an early age. Through guided-play activities at schools, young kids become more self-aware and acquire problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • During playtime, children are guided to assume different roles in social scenarios. It allows kids to learn more about different personalities and Thus, it helps in developing social skills among young kids and clear communication with people around them.
  • When kids are given the opportunity to explore within a protected school environment, it makes them feel more comfortable with learning and become part of several activities. So, it helps in developing a love for learning among students.


Enroll your kid at a preschool in Singapore that allows guide-play activities for the benefit of youngsters to learn through playing. Guided play helps children to know about different shades of social life and communities and further helps in developing emotional and critical thinking skills.