Teeth coming out of the mouth; protruding teeth, are a common issue. Unfortunately, many people do not even know about it. Protruding teeth happens when the upper teeth shall frequently jut over the lower teeth or otherwise sit at some odd angles. Remember that when your teeth do not sit right, you will not have a pleasing facial aesthetics.

Honestly, we cannot give you any specific reason why teeth come out but we can tell you that it can be corrected with the help of the right treatment. Orthodontics in Mount Pleasant has evolved and there are many treatments coming to the fore and helping people correct the bite. Out of all the treatments offered by an orthodontist in Mount Pleasant, Invisalign is emerging as an increasingly popular option for correcting protruding teeth. Thankfully, it has a discreet appearance and overall efficacy.

Why do My Teeth Protrude?

Before we get into how different orthodontic treatments help in correcting the jaw alignment, you must understand what can cause teeth to come out. The most common cause of protruding teeth is genetics. Similar to other physical features, the shape of the jaw and protruding teeth can be passed down through generations.

Some other cause of protruding teeth include bad habits such as thumb sucking or extensive sucking pacifiers as a child. If you suck your thumb or dummy while your permanent are growing, the pressure of sucking can cause them to grow at an abnormal angle and cause protruding teeth.

How can invisible aligners help?

Many people with protruding teeth wonder if discreet aligners that can fix the teeth and more specifically, if this Invisalign can fix the teeth. The simple answer is, ‘yes’. While the most common treatment for protruding teeth is traditional braces, Invisalign has become a highly favoured alternative for its effectiveness and near-invisible aesthetics.

How Invisalign works to correct protruding teeth?

Clear aligners tend to be the most effective treatment so far and in cases where teeth are protruding due to some bad angles in the gum. Sometimes the cause of the protruding teeth can be skeletal, and Invisalign can be used in conjunction with surgery or another orthodontic treatment.

It is time that you begin your journey with Invisalign and you will need to visit a special orthodontist and get your mouth scanned very well. If you want our help, we will get back to you in no time. Fill out a small form and our team of orthodontists will get back to you soon.

Our orthodontist in Mount Pleasant will examine your teeth, take the teeth x-rays and ensure that you get a suitable treatment for yourself.

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