The probate register is a part of the Courts & Tribunal Service. It is in charge of producing the appropriate records to authorize someone to manage a decedent’s estate following their passing. The executors specified in the will must submit a request for a grant of probate if one is available. The surviving spouse or another close family of the dead must request a grant of letters of administration if there is no will. These works serve as grants of representation when read collectively.

What types of records are needed by the probate registry?

One of two forms must be completed in order to apply for a grant of representation at a probate registry Kent office:

  • If there is a will, you must complete Form PA1P.
  • You must complete this form, PA1PA, if there is no will.

You must additionally pay the probate registry fee for each duplicate of your grant of representation after filing one of these documents. Notably, there is no charge for estates with a value of less £5,000 overall.

You can pay a reputable probate company to do the paperwork for you if you’d prefer not to do it yourself. The probate registration fee would then drop to £155, however processing fees would still apply. Call right away to chat with a probate professional. In only a few minutes, we can provide you a free estimate. Up until recently, swearing under oath before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths was necessary to receive a grant of probate.

Your eligibility to act as the estate’s executor or administrator was confirmed through this action. Since November 2018, a new system has taken its place, allowing people to agree on a statement of truth over the phone or online. As a result, you are no longer need to visit a law office or meet with an oath commissioner in order to file for probate.