Want to do a laser treatment for acne scars? Yeah, it’s quite possible. Nowadays it’s really important to maintain the quality of the skin to have an attractive look. Acne on the skin may be one of the reasons for looking ugly. Sometimes it becomes difficult for some people to maintain their skin as they can’t manage time. But remember that an ugly look can affect personal as well as professional life.

So, the one who thinks about maintaining the skin and removing the acne makes the right decision. Laser treatment can be beneficial to get youthful skin. Many people want to go to a dermatologist. Curious to know more about this treatment? Then keep reading this blog till the end.

laser treatment

The working procedure of a laser treatment while removing acne scars 

Laser for acne scars works in two Phases. At first laser helps to generate heat. Skin layer removal is important to smooth the skin. Due to the skin layer removal process, the scars are less noticeable. After removing the layer there’s a process for skin cells to grow. Both the heat and light play a vital role in the skin cell growth. Due to a constant blood flow, there’s no such inflammation.

What are the basic classifications of laser treatment?

One of the most effective – ablative laser treatment

This procedure requires vaporization. It is helpful to treat a damaged skin. Most dermatologists apply the vapours on the top layer of the damaged skin. There’s a use of carbon dioxide and erbium in this process. Besides this who have sun-damaged skin can go for this type of treatment. This treatment includes a stimulating process through which collagen production is possible. Local anesthesia is necessary for this process.

Painless method – non-ablative laser treatment

There’s no necessity for skin layer removal in this treatment. This treatment helps to boost the collagen production. Collagen production involves a warming-up process. When there’s a warm up in the inner layers of the skin collagen production happens smoothly. It’s sure that the one who goes for this treatment never experiences any serious pain during the process. Due to this reason, local anaesthesia is not necessary for this kind of treatment. This treatment is less time taking. So, the one who wants to get results within a short time can choose this process.

Fractional laser treatment

It’s possible to stimulate the tissue underneath the scar through this treatment. The one who has a dark pigmentation can go for this process. This treatment has a specific aim to remove the cells which are responsible for dark pigmentation. Different types of acne can cause skin problems. This treatment is not perfectly applicable to all the scars. This treatment is specially performed to remove the boxcar and icepick scar. This treatment is quite popular as it has a fast healing action. Besides of this patients don’t have to experience any kind of pain in this treatment.

Is laser treatment effective for acne scars as well as in the transformation of skin complexion at the same time?  Yeah, the laser treatment is effective for fulfilling both of the purposes.

 Laser treatment for acne scars

Most people have a misconception that the acne get removed from the skin through this treatment. But in reality, it doesn’t happen. This treatment is all about removing the damaged skin and producing new skin cells. The new cells help to cover the discoloured skin tissue. The discoloured skin tissue can be responsible for an uneven skin tone. The scar tissue becomes lighter after the healing process of the skin. Due to this reason, no one can be able to notice the scars.

Laser treatment to transform the skin complexion 

This treatment is appropriate for removing the pigmented spots. Melanin is the reason behind having dark pigmentation. Melanocytes are responsible for melanin production. A laser treatment is helpful in destroying the melanocytes which can determine the skin tone.

Both the ablative and non-ablative laser treatments are effective for transforming the complexion. Besides this treatment has a special feature of selective photothermolysis. A dermatologist can provide an even skin tone after identifying discolored skin.


Laser treatment is a simple process for reducing acne as well as transforming skin complexion. Hopefully now you understand this after reading the article. So go for a laser treatment to get better skin.