There are a few phases between submitting the initial application and becoming a citizen in the United States. The immigration procedure may be highly drawn-out and complicated. 


The attorneys at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law commit to fighting hard on your behalf to ensure you have the necessary resources and support. If you plan to get a green card, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law has its dedication to helping.


How Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Can Help With The Green Card Process​

The document that allows immigrants and their families to live legally and indefinitely in the United States is famous for the unofficial term “green card.” 


Although it is unnecessary to get legal advice when requesting a green card or an immigrant visa in the U.S., a lawyer’s assistance can benefit families. It is especially crucial to take note of the difficulties that could develop while applying for a green card. 


It might make getting a place to live in the U.S. challenge. Immigration law is indeed complicated. However, a lawyer can assist families with the green card application process in the following ways:


Ensuring The Applicant Meets The Necessary Requirements

Only those who meet specific requirements may apply for a green card in the United States. It may seem straightforward to ask for residency by contacting the nearest government agency, but this is not the case. At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, they can assist candidates in determining their eligibility for a green card.


Before filing a petition for lawful permanent residency, an immigration lawyer at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law will determine if the individual or family seeking a green card qualifies in one or more of these categories.


Analyze The Applicant’s Eligibility 

Not all relationships entitle a person to apply for residency in the United States. To qualify, families must fulfill several requirements before a lawyer collects and submits a person’s or a family’s immigration paperwork. 


The family-based permanent residency application process includes a long and tough trip. A job interview indicates that you spent money, time, and effort to advance. 


Unfortunately, making one error during your interview could result in failure or rejection. Hiring the assistance of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law will help you prevent errors like this.


The lawyers of immigration lawyers at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law are competent in the green card application process. They will aid in assembling your petitions with the required supporting documentation to prevent RFEs that can result in delays. You can contact their attorneys immediately and arrange a consultation by completing this contact form.


Gather Supporting Documentation

A lawyer can assist with the green card procedure after verifying that the persons applying for one are, in fact, eligible to do so. In addition, they can assist in filling out the appropriate papers and ensure applicants have all the required supporting materials.


Get You Ready For Your Interview

Most green card applicants have to go through a process of interviews. By going over what this meeting comprises and the questions asked, a lawyer can assist with preparing for this crucial meeting. The interview questions may differ depending on the applicant. 


The information on the application will typically need to be verified, so applicants should expect this. It can involve asking the applicant if they have been in prison, arrested, or married. The status of an applicant’s present domicile, employment, and marital status are a few things that might have changed since they applied.


Attorneys At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law

Families seeking to settle in the United States may find it quite challenging to take the necessary measures to begin the immigration process. However, you can get assistance from the immigration lawyers at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law as you navigate this complex process. 


In addition, they can assist your family if they require help applying for a green card. For further information, get in touch with immigration lawyers at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law right away.