You are probably reading my article as you want to get your sleep apnea diagnosed and are curious to know how much time it takes to get your sleep apnea diagnosed.

Polysomnography and home sleep apnea testing are the two primary forms of sleep apnea study examinations. An in-lab test called polysomnography requires one night of testing and preparation that lasts roughly 8 to 9 hours. For any further information that may be necessary, the doctors may ask the patients to stay overnight or for a minimum of two nights during the test. The home sleep study is more convenient and requires no advance planning. Just fasten the NightOwl to the patient’s finger before they retire for the night.

How Long Does An In-Lab Sleep Test Results Take?

Results from polysomnography typically take two to three months to arrive since they test for serious conditions that require planning. However, a home sleep study takes much less time than a test conducted in a lab. The board-certified doctors will assess and discuss the findings to determine whether the patients require CPAP therapy.

How Long Does An At-Home Sleep Apnea Test Results Take?

If you choose the home sleep test option, you will probably receive your results much sooner—typically in 10–14 business days. When your sleep test results are ready, your home sleep apnea test provider provider will call to discuss your options for treatment. Board-certified sleep doctors will always analyze your data and offer pressure settings if you decide to use CPAP or AutoPAP therapy.

About The Home Sleep Apnea Test Process: 

A device is worn across the chest, a pulse oximeter on the finger, and a few chest sensors are used in the majority of home sleep apnea testing. These devices can nevertheless feel intrusive and uncomfortable, despite the fact that it is undoubtedly simpler to fall asleep at home than in a lab under a technician’s supervision. Naturally, after using the device, you must return it back to the testing facility so that the results may be examined. On the other hand, Sleep Care Online functions differently.

Key Takeaways 

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is crucial to begin treatment as soon as possible, regardless of the testing method you and your doctor decide on. If sleep apnea is not treated, it can result in highly dangerous and frightful circumstances, thus it’s critical to receive a diagnosis as soon as possible.