Hair loss is a serious issue in men and, sometimes, in women. Hair treatment refers to a method of dealing with hair-related issues. Such as hair loss, receding hairlines, baldness, and so on. Bald spots and receding hairlines can undermine anyone’s self-esteem. Don’t worry, we are here to offer you the best solution. Hair Transplant in Dubai. It is a very popular treatment nowadays. It is available for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. We provide innovative treatments Hair Loss Treatments employing safe instruments and techniques. Effective treatments include FUT and FUE hair transplants. Learn about Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai.  You can also learn about surgeons, instruments, and techniques by exploring our website.

What is the Aim of the Treatment?

This procedure helps you regain your confidence. It protects your natural hair. These techniques help to transplant healthy hair. It removes hair from your scalp to regions of thinning or balding. Experts perform this natural process of hair transplantation using many technologies. It is a surgical and invasive treatment. That transfers hair strands from one area of a person’s head to another. This procedure works under anesthesia. There are no major side effects of the treatment, including bleeding and discomfort. The treatment has a high success rate when performed according to the criteria. This procedure is helpful for those who have persistent hair loss or a receding hairline. 

How Many Kinds of Treatment?

Hair transplantation from one skin area to another is a technological procedure. It comes in a wide range of styles. You can choose the option that most resonates with you. The procedure consists of the following methods:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is an effective procedure for hair. That involves harvesting a strip of your own follicles from the underside of your scalp. Because of the extent of the FUT Hair transplant in Dubai. It causes higher scarring and slower healing throughout the healing phase.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)  

The fundamental FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai is a very safe process. In which strands of hair from a patient are implanted into a hair-deficient part. It is one of the most effective procedures. Follicular transplants from the individuals’ scalps are harvested in the early stages. The donating area is used to collect hair strands. As opposed to the strip (FUT) hair transplant procedure. As a result, no stitches are necessary for this treatment. The expert removes the hair. Then make small incisions on the scalp. Individual follicles are then placed on the target side. 

Robotic Hair Transplant

The vast majority of patients consider Robotic Hair Transplants in Dubai. For improved precision and control in graft collection. By using a computer arm and a computerized mapping system. 

What is the Price of the Process?

The  Hair Transplant in Dubai Cost is inexpensive. It ranges between AED 7000 and AED 15000. Many things influence these costs. The number of hair lines you receive and the treatment option you select. The cost of surgical hair restoration treatment varies. It can be changed by the selection of the option. The surgical aims, and the surgeon’s fees. Sometimes it’s as simple as increasing hair growth in front of the scalp. Other times, it entails doing the entire thing to achieve thicker, fuller hair all over the head.

Cost Influencing Factors

There are many external and eternal aspects that can transfer the expenses. The following are the main ones:

The severity of the loss

The amount of hair loss has a significant impact on the cost of surgery. The doctor will use the Norwood scale to assess the degree of baldness. There are seven stages. And the surgeon’s fees increase as the severity of baldness increases. Stages 6 and 7 of male pattern baldness are more expensive. Then other stages. Because severe baldness necessitates more work and time from the surgeon. 

Surgeon’s Reputation

The expertise of the surgeon is vital when determining the cost. Because surgeons with extensive expertise are more expensive. Then there are those who are starting out as surgeons. Choosing a less experienced surgeon is a bad idea. Because inexperience delivers poor outcomes and botched results.

Location of the Clinic

The location of the clinic is important. Clinics in major cities in the UAE charge more for cosmetic surgery. Then clinics in smaller towns. Their prices are exorbitant. They never compromise on treatment quality or patient comfort.

Selection of the process

The  Hair Transplant in Dubai Cost is also affected by the procedure utilized for transplantation. Most doctors use FUE and FUT to do successful surgery. But, if you decide to get FUE, keep in mind that you may have to pay more for the procedure in the end.

Quantity of Grafts

These elements might affect the cost of the procedure. While the 2500+ grafts assist the surgical team in producing excellent results. Under these conditions, the operation is lengthy and time intensive. As a result, the procedure may be very expensive. The average cost of hair grafting ranges between AED 10,000 and AED 40,000. But it depends on how much hair grafting is done during the procedure.

Will Insurance Cover the Expenses?

Getting your insurance to cover a hair transplant can be difficult. They don’t pay for esthetics treatment. But there are other diseases. That generates hair damage, such as chronic sickness or an accident. Insurance will not pay for a transplant performed for cosmetic reasons.


What are the Benefits of the Process?

This natural follicle growth treatment is game-changing. And has helped millions of men stay alive. Because of its natural occurrence, it is a high-demand phase in the fight against baldness. Even if a person has been balding for years, this procedure can still be beneficial. Consider the following Benefits of Hair Transplant in Dubai: 


  • This procedure is helpful in boosting natural hair growth.
  • It delivers long-term outcomes.
  • There’s no need for touch-ups.
  • It helps build confidence.
  • This procedure does not harm natural hair.
  • These procedures have no adverse effects.
  • They are painless and comfortable processes.
  • High rate of success.