As per statistics, Facebook has around 3.03 million monthly active users. From this, you can understand that Facebook has a wide user base. By advertising on FB, you can expand your reach and drive more customers to your business. As you think about advertising on Facebook, many questions might come to your mind like how much does a Facebook ad cost and whether it fits in your budget or not.

Here, in this blog, we will tell you in detail about Facebook CPM,  Facebook ads CPC, and Facebook ads automation.

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How much is Facebook advertising? – Statistics  

We will discuss in detail about how much does a Facebook ad cost later. First, let’s have a look at some of the top statistics related to Facebook advertising costs.

  • Facebook ads reach 33.3% of the world’s population above the age of 13.
  • According to a Wordstream study, Facebook ads get an average click-through rate of 0.90% across all different industries.
  • As per the same study, the average cost per click Facebook is $1.72 across distinct industries.
  • Facebook has a higher conversion rate and the average conversion rate across different industries is 9.21%.
  • Around 63% of businesses spend $1-$500 per month on Facebook advertising costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook ads 

Facebook ads are a good way to advertise your products or services to your target audience. You can put your brand in front of people who might be interested in your brand offerings. As you know, everything has its advantages & disadvantages and so is Facebook advertising.

If you look at the positive side, the cost per lead Facebook is cost-effective. You can reach a large audience and capture higher conversions. You can target your customers based on their interests and get good online customer engagement. Facebook provides comprehensive targeting options which makes it easy for you to target the right people.

Facebook advertising can also be expensive if you don’t do it appropriately. If your ads aren’t interesting and you are not targeting the right people, then you may end up spending a lot of money for a few clicks.

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How much does a Facebook ad cost? 

Facebook ads price depend on several factors like targeted audience, ad budget, industry, and so on. On average Facebook ad costs for pay per click is $0.26-$0.30. Facebook CPM rates range from $1.01 to $3. On average, Facebook’s cost per like ranges between $0.00-$0.25.

Have a look at the table given below for a quick reference of how much does a Facebook ad cost.


Please note that these numbers are only averages of different industries but not the exact average for your specific industry. Facebook ad costs depend on factors like industry, ad placement, relevance, target market, etc.

How much for Facebook ads? 

Which Facebook ad will appear on the feed of the user’s screen is determined by an auction. This auction happens in a fraction of a second and the ads appear on the user’s screen. The process of supply and demand determines Facebook advertising costs. We will explain this process here.

While setting up a Facebook ad campaign, you get tools and settings to adjust and specify your Facebook ad costs. You can set your Facebook ad costs on the basis of two factors: how much you want to spend on a Facebook ad or how much you want to spend per desired result like clicks, conversions, and downloads.

You can directly control your Facebook ad costs, for example, you can set $50 per week or $5000 per week. However, you can’t control the cost of each result you get through Facebook ads. Facebook provides you with the feature of controlling the cost per result to a certain degree but it’s not necessary that you’ll always get results for the cost you decide. 
The factors that decide the cost per impression Facebook are auction (supply & demand), relevance (the value users get from your ad), and estimated action rates.


Facebook aims to provide the best experience to its users. They want users to spend their maximum time but bad and irrelevant ads can make their experience bad. They might immediately leave the platform. For example, if you create an ad that people don’t like then you need to pay Facebook more to show your ad to users. But if you have an ad that people like then you don’t need to pay much to Facebook.

Facebook uses different methods to measure the value of retargeting ads for users. They measure the ratio of negative to positive reactions to the ad. For example, the number of users who hide or report your ad. Next, they use an estimated action rate which is a measurement of the expected value of the advertiser. This is measured by how well an ad is performing and achieving its objectives. When an ad performs well it’s an indicator that the users like your ad. This gives a positive signal to the Facebook algorithm and they show your ad often.

How much does a Facebook ad cost? Facebook ad cost can be calculated with the following formula: 


This process happens under the cover and you just need to set the budget for your campaigns. You should focus on targeting the right audiences to whom your content is relevant and relatable. Doing this will help you make sure that your ads aren’t canceled by people and shown by Facebook frequently at a lower cost.

What is the average Facebook CPM? 

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions and the ‘M’ stands for the Roman numeral for 1,000. As per statistics, the average Facebook CPM as of 2023 is $9.4. This means to get a thousand impressions on Facebook ads you need to spend $9.4 on average.

Average CPM Facebook is calculated by using the following formula:


Let’s take an example to understand this formula. For instance, if your spend was $10 and you got 1000 impressions then your Facebook ads CPM is calculated as follows:


This means it costs you $10 to get 1000 impressions from this Facebook ad.

How much should you spend on Facebook? 

Facebook ads may work or may not work for you depending on different factors. For example, if your target audience is not available or active on Facebook then it doesn’t make sense to advertise over there. You need to consider distinct aspects before you plan on doing Facebook CPC ads. Here, we have given different factors that you must take into consideration before deciding on Facebook advertising costs.

1. Determine your business goals 


First, frame out your business goals and how Facebook advertising can help you achieve those. For example, you want to increase app installs so that more people take paid subscriptions. Then, running CPC Facebook ads can help you get more people to install your app.

However, there are different objectives that you can achieve through Facebook ads like increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, getting more leads, and boosting sales. The investment you need to make in Facebook ads depends on the marketing objectives and scale of your goals.

2. Target audience


Before you start with CPC FB ads it’s important to know your target audience. You should do detailed research and create the ideal customer personas for your brand. Determine the demographics and psychographics of your target audience. This in-depth research will help you know if you’re targeting a large or small-scale audience. Depending on the size of your target audience you might need a larger or smaller budget. For example, if you’re targeting a larger audience, you need a higher budget to focus on them effectively.

3. Competition


If your target audience is available and active on Facebook then your competitors might be there too. Thus, when you’re doing Facebook advertising CPC,  you will be competing against your competitors. Therefore, you need to spend more to reach your target audience often and more than your competitors.

4. Budget allocation 


Determine what’s your overall marketing budget and how much you can spend on cost per impression Facebook. At first, you should consider investing a small budget on Facebook ads, and if you see positive results, you can allocate more budget. It’s recommended to spend a small budget initially on any strategy and increase it gradually if it works for you. This way you’ll not spend a significant amount on a marketing strategy that doesn’t work for you.

5. A/B testing  


You must use your Facebook advertising budget to test distinct creatives, messaging, and targeting options to find out which ads your target audience best responds to. For example, if you create a Facebook ad and it doesn’t get a good response then you’ll end up thinking that Facebook ads don’t work for your brand. But that’s actually not the case. By A/B testing your ad campaigns, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Optimizing your ad campaigns will help you get a better return on investment.

6. Cost per result 


The advantage of Facebook ads is that you pay based on the results. There are two different cost-per-result strategies that you can implement; cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per click (CPC). However, remember to set costs based on your industry and campaign goals. We will explain you the pricing model for both strategies below.

Facebook ads pricing model 

  • Cost per click (CPC): In CPC, you have to pay each time a user clicks on an ad. Facebook CPC ads are used to drive traffic to websites, generate leads, or carry out a specific action. You have to set the maximum bid or the maximum cost you’re willing to pay for each click. Then, Facebook optimizes your ads to get the best results within your allocated budget.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): In CPM model, you need to pay for every thousand impressions of your ad regardless of whether users click on it or not. This campaign is mainly used to increase brand awareness and recall your brand to customers. You have to set the maximum bid that you’re willing to pay for 1,000 impressions. Then, Facebook optimizes ads to maximize impressions within the given budget.

Remember that Facebook uses an auction system to determine which ads are shown to people and how much advertisers pay. You have to create a Facebook ad campaign and specify objectives, target audience, bidding strategy, and budget. Later, Facebook considers different factors like relevance, bid amount, and estimated action rates to determine which ad is displayed and at what bid amount.

7. Return on Investment (ROI)

Before investing in Facebook ad campaigns, you must evaluate the potential value and boost conversions that you can get through them. Assess the amount of revenue or business growth that you can achieve from running Facebook ads. See if it can provide you with a good return on investment and if it’s worth investing for your business.

The Conclusion 

Facebook advertising is beneficial for businesses as it helps them to reach a large audience. It comes with advanced targeting options that aid in targeting the right audience. This way marketers don’t need to invest their money to just reach out to a wide audience. How much does a Facebook ad cost? A Facebook ad cost depends on several factors such as bid, relevance, and estimated action rate. WebMaxy eGrowth is an advanced customer data platform that helps you create retargeting ad lists to bring back abandoned cart customers.

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FAQs: How much does a Facebook ad cost?

What is a good CPC for Facebook ads?

The average CPC for Facebook ads is $0.94 per click. This means for every click on your Facebook ad you need to pay $0.94. To get the best result from your Facebook CPC campaigns, make sure to create relevant ads for your target audience and set an appropriate bid. This way your Facebook CPC ads will be shown more often and at a lower bid.

How much does a Facebook ad cost per click?

Facebook advertising costs vary based on different factors like audience, ad budget, and industry. On average cost per click Facebook ranges between $0.26- $0.974.

How much should you spend per day on Facebook Ads?

The amount of money you should invest in Facebook ads depends on several factors like objectives, target audience, competition, and more. However, it is recommended that you should invest or start with a daily budget of $5 to $10 per ad to get significant results immediately.

What is the CPM for Facebook?

Facebook CPM means the amount you spend to get 1,000 impressions on an ad. On average, Facebook CPM ranges from $1.01 to $3 per 1000 impressions. Facebook CPM can be calculated by dividing the total ad set spent by the number of impressions and multiplying it by 1000.

How much does CPC cost for Facebook ads?

The average Facebook CPC across different industries is $1.68. The Facebook ads CPC varies up to 164% for different ad objectives and ranges between $0.18 to $1.85. Facebook CPC is calculated by the total amount spent divided by the number of link clicks.

How much do small businesses pay for Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising costs depend on factors like industry, audience, ad budget, etc. On average advertising costs across all industries are $1.01-$3 per 1000 impressions, $0.26-$0.30 per click, and $1.01- $5.00 per download.

What is a good cost per impression on Facebook?

Facebook CPM depends on different factors like advertising budget, location, industry, and much more. On average Facebook CPM ranges between $3-$10. However, if you pay less than $3 for a thousand impressions then it can be considered a good cost per impression on Facebook.