If you’re looking for an airline with a generous baggage policy, look no farther than Emirates Cheap Flights, the country’s national carrier.

Check out this page for all the details on Emirates’ baggage fees and restrictions.

Free luggage allowance

Carry-on luggage

The term “carry-on” refers exclusively to the items that passengers are allowed to bring onto the plane. This is the area over the driver and passenger seats or under the rear seats. You may access your personal belongings as often as you wish while on the flight.

If you’re flying with Emirates, you’re only allowed to bring

  • Passengers flying economy may check only one bag weighing no more than 7 kilogrammes.
  • Each piece of luggage in business class may weigh no more than 7 kilogrammes.

However, for both fare types, passengers’ checked bags cannot measure more than 118 centimetres (46 inches) in total length, breadth, and height.

Checked-in Luggage

Baggage left at the airport for pickup before an Emirates Business flight Carry-on items are stored in the plane’s designated luggage hold. You will be unable to access this bag while on the flight.

The following goods can be checked with Emirates at no additional charge:

  • Two bags, each no more than 23 kilogrammes, are permitted for Economy Class passengers.
  • There are two distinct seating options for business class passengers. They can choose either one if they want to.
  • Only two bags totaling 32 kilogrammes are allowed.
  • Only three bags totaling 23 kilogrammes are allowed.

Your bags can’t exceed 158 centimetres (62 inches) in length, breadth, or height for either fare option.

Excess luggage policy

  1. If a passenger’s carry-on luggage weighs more than the allowed maximum, they will be charged extra for their checked bags. However, this is limited by the available space in the facility’s storage area.
  2. You will be fined or requested to leave stuff behind if the combined weight of your carry-on and checked luggage is too much.
  3. You can only bring a certain number of bags with you. You cannot bring any more luggage without paying a hefty fee if you exceed the limit. Instead, they’d have to go through their bags and hand up anything that doesn’t belong to airport security.

Excess baggage fee

The price of excess baggage is based on:

  • Your intended course of action
  • The plane ticket layout
  • Landing spot
  • A time of year that is not often busy for tourism
  • The make and model of the aeroplane you’re taking

Emirates may assess a fee of $60 to $200 USD for excessive baggage.

Does the airline charge for an extra 1–2 kg?

Most airlines will not charge you more if your bag is only a kilo or two heavier than the maximum allowed. It all hinges on the generosity of the

  • Which airline are you flying with?
  • Your departing airport’s rules and regulations
  • Requirements for personnel

If you’re worried about packing too much for your upcoming vacation, you’ll be happy to hear that Emirates doesn’t charge extra for excess luggage up to a certain weight.