Are you traveling with a Lufthansa Airline flight but suddenly a situation pops-up and you have to change your flight booking? Worried about the lengthy formalities and costs to pay for it? No worries. Lufthansa covers you with its simple change fee and easy process to do so. Go through the account below and you will have a better idea about it.

What is Lufthansa Flight Change Policy?

As per the Lufthansa change flight policy, you can manage your bookings easily. Let’s see the highlights of changing Lufthansa Airlines Booking

  • You can change your flight booking up to an hour of the originally scheduled flight departure.
  • Lufthansa allows occasional route changes and the  costs of change according to the terms of the ticket type.
  • If you change the route of your flight, there will be a change in old and new tickets.

How Much Lufthansa Charges as a Change Fee?

Depending on the various changes and different conditions, the change fee structure of Lufthansa is determined. Let’s look at it –

  • It usually costs from $300 to $750 per passenger, for flights from the U. S. as per the ticket type.
  • Flight change date prices: $60
  • Cancellation/Refund of Miles/Redeposit price: $60
  • Exclusions/Waivers:

You can’t cancel or rebook the discounted flight awards.

  • No cost close-in booking

Please note

There might be variation in the amount or it might be waived for certain awards fare.

For more information, contact a Lufthansa Airlines Live Person.

What is Lufthansa Cancellation Policy?

There are instances when your travel plans go south. An emergency or a situation that you can’t avoid and you have to cancel your flight booking to address it. To help its customers in such unavoidable situations, Lufthansa has devised a smart cancellation policy. Here, let’s have a look at it major points –

  • You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. Refundable tickets are allowed for free cancellation.
  • Non-refundable ticket holders are not allowed to cancel their booking. However, Lufthansa has certain criteria that facilitate non-refundable tickets to get a refund. Here are those –
    • As per Lufthansa Cancellation Policy, flights scheduled to take off after at least 7 days that are booked within 24 hours. It applies to all fare types.
    • If Lufthansa cancels a flight, you will get a complete refund.

In a nutshell, Lufthansa Airlines eases your travel with its smart policies and plans. It imparts you a great experience while keeping it light on your pocket. And when you have to change your travel plans, its policies are there to help and have a seamless experience. However, when it comes to any charges for changes, these are in accordance with its policies and you are mostly covered with points or miles.