During Umrah Muslims can reaffirm their faith ask for pardon pray for their necessities and atone for their sins. Umrah is also one of the best ways to be closer to Allah. You can reduce Umrah costs by using cheap packages.

Umrah Journey Price

Your choices affect your trip cost See our ideas for a great Umrah or Hajj at a reasonable price. Travelling for Hajj and Umrah involves careful budgeting. You can focus on the spirituality of visiting Madinah and Makkah without worrying about money.

Money Required for Making the Umrah

Fixed expenses include visas and airline tickets. The visa and trip charges are constant regardless of how long you spend in Makkah and Madinah. The season airline route and other factors can affect your trip cost. Price charts help determine the best season and day to buy.  You’re housing meals gifts shopping and trip costs depend on your needs and duration of stay in the KSA. Ground transportation changes depending on your needs and number of people.

Access Various Packages

You can find something within your budget because many travel firms provide a variety of packages to make Umrah reasonable. Travel companies advise clients on budgeting so they can focus on their spiritual journey.

Available package types include

You can plan your lodging and transportation yourself but booking with a travel agency offers reduced rates and the convenience and expertise of their skilled staff. Travel agencies arrange round-trip air travel ground transportation hotel rooms in Madinah and Makkah insurance visas and on site help.

Budgeting Advice for the Umrah

Pilgrims should save enough money to support their families before leaving. Most Saudis can afford the vacation but foreigners should budget $1000–$8000 CAD per person. Mainly cash is needed for daily expenses. Contact your currency conversion service to see whether you can get at least 500 Saudi riyals for spending money when you arrive. Banks currency exchanges and ATMs are available in Jeddah Makkah and Madinah for Kingdom travellers.

When to Start Planning an Umrah

Tourists may undertake Umrah outside of peak hours and holiday seasons for a more comfortable and economical experience. You may also find reduced airfares and accommodation rates. You can travel throughout the week instead of the weekends if Umrah is busy. Cheap Umrah packages 2024 last 7 30 days. Shorter trips mean cheaper hotel stays. You can save in other areas to spend more time in the holy cities and enjoy their offerings.

Extra Travel Expenses for Umrah

Getting a sim is necessary to call family. Tourists can get free WiFi at many Saudi hotels. At the airport in Saudi Arabia prepaid SIM cards are offered at various prices depending on phone usage.

Returning with presents and trinkets for loved ones is significant to many Umrah travellers. Save money for souvenirs and shopping at the area many shops and malls.

Sunscreen and toiletries may need to be restocked. Trimming or shaving your hair is another little expense. When buying stuff to bring home remember that luggage weight and space are limited.