Moving is stressful, and it is even more stressful if you have to worry about transporting your belongings safely. Therefore, it is best to leave the removals and storage to the Removals in Bankstown and Storage experts if you have antiques or high-quality furniture. 


A professional moving company will have the knowledge and equipment to facilitate your relocation. However, it would help if you did a few things to prepare your furniture for the big event. See below for specifics on how we can assist you.


Take Stock


Take inventory of your possessions before you begin packing up your home. Thus, you can rest assured that all your belongings will be waiting for you in your new home, and you can arrange them as you see fit. 


This can be documented room by room to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten. Check out our list of moving must-haves and must-not-haves.


Pack Properly


Wrapping your wood and upholstered furniture to prevent scratches and snags during transport is one of the best ways to safeguard it. 


This will protect your furniture and flooring from dust and dirt while allowing you to see what you are storing. We use removal blankets to ensure your items are not broken or damaged during transport.


Wrapping your furniture makes moving easier and protects your belongings from damage during loading and transportation. We can handle this for you, but if you have the time and the necessary supplies, you are welcome to do it yourself before moving day. 


Determine Everything


Before disassembling and packing your furniture, ensure that you have accurate measurements. 


This allows us to determine which doorways to move your furniture into your new residence without damaging the walls or causing any other damage. Using a spreadsheet, you can keep track of your findings and have them handy for future reference. 


Disassemble if necessary


Only sometimes can furniture be transported through a standard door or window. These items must get disassembled, wrapped, and packed for the move. 


Take the instructions and any required hardware with you to your new residence. Keep Everything in a single location so you never have to wonder if one item matches another.


Utilize the Appropriate Methods


We are happy to assist you in disassembling your furniture, but you can do it independently. Ensure that you get prepared for success. 


Therefore, you can rest assured that your belongings will not get damaged during the relocation. Separately pack the furniture’s hardware in bags and store it securely until you can reassemble the pieces in your new home. To make the bags readily accessible, we recommend taping them to the furniture legs.


Cautionary Packing 


The heaviest and most significant pieces of furniture should be loaded onto the moving truck first, followed by lighter, more manageable items. This will prevent any items during the move from being crushed or crushed.


We have you covered if you need a place to store your furniture pending delivery. If you choose to use storage, place items there that you will not need until the delivery, and keep track of what goes in so you know Everything is there when it should be.


To conclude:


Before a move, cushions, pillows, and other removable furniture parts can be stored in boxes or large bags. This protects them and makes moving furniture less cumbersome. 


It is helpful to label Everything when moving into a new home so that you know where each item belongs. The furniture can be delivered directly to the designated location, saving time and energy. 


Relocation is a significant undertaking involving numerous tasks. Hiring a professional furniture removal service can reduce the time and energy required for moving. 


Removalists in the Central coast  are eager to be of assistance. Whether you need assistance packing or transporting heavy furniture, we are here. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, but you can do a few things to help prepare your furniture for the move. 


Removalists in Balmain if you need assistance moving furniture. Call immediately or visit the website to receive a free estimate.

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