Companies need a central point to organise their operations. A central building allows them to manage all functions, from stocking to logistics—and Hyderabad is the optimum location for warehouse tasks. Renting a warehouse in Hyderabad gives you access to the amenities and facilities required to run a successful business. One of the most strategic locations for setting up a warehouse in Hyderabad is near the city’s airport. As the largest aerotropolis in India, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport forms an interconnected ecosystem of firms, retail, entertainment, healthcare, and logistics, making it the ideal location for warehouses.


Stretched over 1,500 acres, the Hyderabad Airport offers an optimum point for warehousing operations. ESR chose Hyderabad as a trusted and reliable area for setting up industrial parks. Being one of the most sought locations in India, renting warehouses around Hyderabad Airport provides you uninterrupted and ever-ready access to sustainable facilities, multi-modal transportation, logistics, consistent storage space, and a constant flow of distribution and shipment.

An Upward Graph

A well-balanced ecosystem guarantees growth. Under the jurisdiction of GMR Group, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is situated in an area considered the pinnacle of growth and development. Due to the integrated network of facilities, amenities, and industries around Hyderabad Airport, warehouses have experienced immense growth.


Airport locations are strategically chosen. When building airports, various factors are considered, such as cost of operation, access to the inner city, accessibility to market areas, maintenance, features, and storage space. Only when a location checks all requirements is it selected for airport purposes. On the other hand, an optimum location for an airport automatically deems that is reliable for other operations, such as warehousing. If a place provides airports with all the necessary facilities, setting up warehouses around the area would offer you the same benefits.


Therefore, the comprehensive and interconnected system of markets and industries around the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is causing a massive surge in warehouses. Given Hyderabad’s bustling and industrial-focused lifestyle, renting a warehouse around the airport will enable you to access all significant consumption zones of the city within 30-50 minutes. In addition to being close to the airport, you will reach the National Highways, such as signal-free driveways ORR and elevated PNVR expressway; railway stations; seaports within half an hour or an hour, maximum.

Neighbouring Firms

Warehouses in Hyderabad have enjoyed exponential growth these past few years. The most in-demand area in the city for establishing and renting warehouses is near the airport. Warehouse demand in the city shot up from over 20 million square feet in 2020 to around 21 million square feet in 2021, showing a 5% growth in a single year.


Renowned and world-class firms flock to the city to set up their businesses. In 2017, Amazon set up its largest fulfilment centre in Hyderabad, close to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Other major enterprises like Decathlon, GMR Arena, and Novotel have also made a home for their businesses in Hyderabad.


Leasing warehouses around the Hyderabad Airport will allow you to cater to customers and access materials and resources within a day or two or hours, respectively. Your warehouse rent in Hyderabad will be pocket-friendly and easily accommodate your operational and infrastructural expenses. Renting a warehouse in the city will provide access to local infrastructure, saving overhead and unjustified costs and helping you boost your business.


Furthermore, another factor that will adjust your warehouse rent in Hyderabad is the skilled and dedicated employment the city provides. With renowned companies setting up business in the city, Hyderabad offers multiple employment opportunities and keen workers looking for jobs.

Connected Ecosystem

The interconnected ecosystem supports warehouses—and by association, your business—with airport services (access to transportation), high-quality roads (national highways and expressways), resources (water, electricity, and materials), optic fibre connectivity, and safe and secure locations.


Additionally, sustainability is the new key to growth and development. Leasing an industrial or warehousing facility from ESR offers you to expand your operations within a state-of-the-art 66-acre park that gives you access to shared amenities and reduces your operating cost. Being next to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport this location has advanced security and dedicated paths for the truck and also it has an IGBC-issued (Indian Green Building Council) platinum certification.

Wrapping Up

Renting a warehouse in Hyderabad is an excellent way and an incredible opportunity to expand your business. The city is a growing hub of operations, markets, and infrastructure, making it an ideal location to establish your firm. The ecosystem around Hyderabad Airport creates a perfect bubble for establishing warehouses. ESR’s industrial park ticks all the boxes required for warehousing to support your projects.