How to add keywords to web pages

Ten places to include keywords on website pages

When designing content for your website, you should always have a keyword in mind. The keyword, or keyword phrase, is what you want your target users to type into search engines as a search term. Keywords inform search engines about the topic of your web page. As a result, the use of keywords is a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll understand that you may include keywords in the body of your content. There are plenty more areas where you might have keywords. Enroll in digital marketing courses in Bangalore and get practical tips on keyword optimization.

Below are the 10 places where you must include keywords:

Body of the Content:

In the body of your writing, your keyword should occur numerous times. However, you must not abuse the term. When you overuse keywords in your material, it becomes tough to read. Keyword stuffing may potentially result in a Google penalty for your website. Keyword density should not exceed 3–5%.

Title of the page:

One of the most important locations to include your keyword is in the page title or H1 Tag. The title of your page will be displayed on the search engine results page. If at all feasible, place your keyword or phrase at the beginning of your title.


Inserting your keyword in at least one subheading is a smart SEO strategy. But keep in mind that you are first and foremost developing material for humans. Search engines should be ranked second. It is redundant and odd to include your keyword in all of your subheadings.

Page URL:

Your keyword should be incorporated in the page URL. Including your keyword in the URL will help your SEO. Including your keyword in the URL will further help users determine the topic of your website.


When inserting photos into your website pages, be sure to mention the keyword in the image file name. You may also include your keyword in the image’s ALT tag. The ALT tag’s primary function is to offer a description of a picture. For visually challenged users, the ALT description summarizes the image.

Meta Description:

The meta description is the text on the search engine results page beneath the title of a web page. This description should entice users to visit the page. Your keywords should also be included in the meta description.

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