As the holiday and wedding season approaches, you need some glitter in your life and surely in your makeup. Glitters are often associated with weddings and the holiday season. So, in this article, you can learn how to apply glitter eyeshadow makeup on Indian skin as taught by experts. Some people feel it is helpful if you already know the proper way to apply highlighter. Without further ado, get started learning how to apply glitter eyeshadow for both beginners and more experienced makeup users. 

Steps For Applying Eyeshadow On Indian Skin: 

This article has the information you need if you’re wondering how to apply glitter eyeshadow to Indian skin. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply glitter makeup flawlessly. 

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes 

Getting ready for the makeup begins with preparing your eyes for any form of eye makeup. After washing your face, apply primer all over. It’s important to prepare your eyes so that they build a smooth base and are prepared for the items. For the ideal coating, you can try a shimmer eyeshadow palette. It comes in 8 various hues, so you may match it to your skin tone or even your eye makeup. 

Step 2: Apply base eyeshadow color 

The foundation eyeshadow color is applied after the first step. To do that, you must complete the eye makeup look. You can choose the brown hue and cover the entire eyelid with it as an example. If you like, you can use a glitter eyeshadow palette to create a smokey eye makeup effect. 

Step 3: Apply shimmer shade 

Applying the shimmer color over the matte is the next step to provide the appearance of sparkle. Shimmer and sparkle makeup looks as harmonious as heaven. All attire for each function will look finest with this look. Apply the identical glitter shimmer eyeshadow color in shimmery color all over the eyes. 

Step 4: Add fixer liquid/glitter glue 

Now, place a drop of glitter glue or fixer liquid on the back of your hand. Apply the glue on the back of your hand using the flat brush and anywhere else on the eyelids where you want the glitter to stay all night. If you want the effect to last, try any popular eyeshadow fixer. 

Step 5: Apply glitter shade 

After the previous step, you can immediately put shimmery eye makeup on your eyelids. Applying glitter can be done in one of two ways: with hands or a flat brush. Choosing the brush type is the person’s choice. The glitter color can be applied with either a flat brush or your hands because you don’t need to blend it. 

Get the eyeshadow shimmer if you don’t feel comfortable using fixer liquid or glue on your eyelids. You can glow all night long that way without using adhesive. 

Final thoughts 

The final step is to add kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. It is important to look your best when attending a celebratory event in someone else’s home or for a relative’s wedding. You’ll be able to get a stunning wedding look if you buy glitter from Viseart. Viseartoffers various types of glitters that suit all types of skin.