Battle A team leader 3 times: Pokemon Go, also known as “Pokemon GO” is an AR-based mobile game. It was developed and published in 2016 by Niantic with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. It uses GPS to locate, capture (and train) virtual creatures called Pokemon.

The game can be played for free. It features a freemium business model with local advertising. In-app purchases are available to purchase additional items. The game started with about 150 Pokemon species. This number has since increased to approximately 700 by 2021.

Pokemon Go was not received well by critics. They praised its concept but had reservations about technical issues. It was one the most popular and profitable mobile apps of 2016, being downloaded over 500 million worldwide by the close of 2016.

It is known for popularizing AR- and location-based technology. However, there was controversy over its potential to cause accidents and create public nuisances.

Different governments expressed concern about its security and some countries have regulated its use. The game was played by more than 147million monthly active players as of May 2018. It received over a trillion global downloads by the beginning of 2019, and earned over $6 billion in revenue by 2020.

Pokemon: How To Battle Team Leader 3 Times(2023)

These are the Team Leaders: Blanche (Candela), Spark (Spark). You don’t have to fight Team GO Rocker leaders in Pokemon Go to accomplish this task.

Let’s take a look how you can defeat the team leaders who are your targets.

  • Click on the PokeBall to the bottom of the screen, and choose Battle.
  • Scroll down to reach the bottom to access the Training section.
  • You can choose one of these three leaders, and then you can pick a team to lead the battle.

You don’t need to defeat the team leaders in order for Something Extraordinary to happen.

Pokemon Go Leader Counters for Sierra and Arlo

Pokemon Go possesses its own version the famous Team Rocket called Team Go Rocket. This Pokemon guide will explain how to find and defeat the Rocket leaders.

Below is a list of their parties, strategies, and how they are effective for February 2023. These were all part of Team Go Rocket Takeover that was activated during the Cracking Voltage.


Team Rocket members can often be found in high-altitude hot air balloons soaring above you, and glitchy black PokeStops. Every time you defeat one you will get a mystery component. After you have 6Mysterious Contents, they will be combined into a Rocket Radar that allows you to search for a random leader. Sierra, Arlo and Cliff will be your leaders.

You need to beat the three leaders of Team Go Rocket Special Research and Some Timed Research. To find Giovanni the boss, complete the Team Go Rocket Special Research. The Legendary Shadow Pokemon you will get for beating Giovanni.

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Sierra can offer the following:

  • Beldum [steel/psychic]
  • Sharpedo (water/dark)
    Lapras (water/ice)
  • Houndoom, dark/fire

Depending upon what her party has, we recommend that she uses ghost-, fighting-, or dark-type Pokemon. Sierra’s part can be the most diverse of all three. It is therefore more difficult to match with certain Pokemon types. If you find out what her part is, you may need different types of Pokemon for each.

The following recommendations are suggested, but Sierra may be using other methods.

  • machampwith counter and dynamic punch
  • Hydreigonwith bite and brutal swing
  • Darkraiwith Snarl und Dark Pulse
  • Chandelurewith Hex & Shadow Ball
  • Gengarwith Lick, Shadow Ball


  • Nidoran (poison)
  • Crobat (“poison/flying”)
    Steelix – (steel/ground).
  • Charizard (“fire/flying”)
    Scizor_ (bug/steel).
    Armaldo (rock/bug)

Arlo’s party tends to be weak against fire- and water-type moves. This is why we strongly recommend that you use them. You can use the following but keep -type advantages in consideration and modify accordingly.

  • Kyogre with Waterfall and Surf
  • Swampertwith Hydraulic Gun and Hydro Cannon
  • Kinglerwith Bubble & Crabhammer
  • Fusion Flare, Fire Fang and Reshiram
  • Charizardwith Blast Burn and Fire Spin


Cliff can use any of these options:

  • Magnemite, (electric/steel).
  • Venusaur (grass/poison)
    Omastar (rock/water)
    Pinsir (bug)
  • Sharpedo (water/dark)
    Tyranitar_ (rock/dark).
    Camerupt (fire/ground)

Cliff’s team can only take water-, firegrass-, or water-type attacks. There are many counters you can use against him. However, you will need to inspect his party to be sure that your counters are in line. Cliff can have quite diverse parties.


  • They will use their shields for the first two Charge Attacks. If you have a Pokemon who can quickly charge and use Charge Attacks, you will be able to get rid of their shields.
  • Be prepared to take out the first Pokemon you see. If your Pokemon can easily pass through shields, it’s fine. But, any other Pokemon you use will need to have decent types to defeat any remaining Pokemon.
  • Remember that you can do the battle several times with one Rocket Radar. This means you can queue up the strongest Pokemon in order to see what the leader has. It’s great if they are defeated on their first attempt. If they are not defeated on the first attempt, great!
  • If you’re struggling, team leaders will have high CP Pokemon.

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