Cricut is known for making one of the fastest and most advanced DIY cutting machines. These machines are full of features and have premium blades that cut your projects with pinpoint precision. Additionally, these machines support different types of blades to cut a variety of materials.

Furthermore, these blades wear out after some time of use. If you want to have flawless cuts of the material, you need to change the blades on a regular basis. Hence, to know how to change the Cricut blade and other essential information about the Cricut blade, go through the whole blog.

Steps to Change the Cricut Blade of Machines

Here are the steps you can follow to change the blade of a Cricut machine.

  1. First, you must take out the blade housing of your Cricut machine.

● If you use a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine, open the clamp B and remove the blade housing.

● But you need to hold the blade housing, unscrew the black arm and then remove it.

  1. Furthermore, carefully push the pin on the top of the housing and take out the blade from the bottom for Premium Fine-Point, Fine-Point, Deep-Point, and Deep-Cut Blade.
  2. And then, you are required to remove the protective cover from the new blade.
  3. Attach the new blade to the housing in the next step. There are magnets in the blade that help the blade hang in the right place.
  4. Now, replace the housing blade back into your Cricut machine.

● For the Cricut Maker and Explore machine, you have to return the blade housing to clamp B and then close it.

● However, if you are using the Legacy Cricut Machine, then place the blade housing inside the black arm. Next, tighten the screws.

What are the Blades for Different Cricut Machines?

Here are some of the blades used in various Cricut machines.

1. Cricut Joy Blade

● This blade can be used with all types of DIY materials that are compatible with the Cricut Joy machine. You can use various materials like infusible ink transfer sheets, smart materials, card stock, poster board, paper, iron-on, and many more.

● The blade housing of the Cricut Joy machine is white and silver.

● It is compatible with the Cricut Joy Blade Housing only and the Cricut Joy machine.

Note– These blades are very sharp and should be handled only by adults.

2. Premium Fine-Point Blade

● It is best for use with thin to medium-weight material such as poster board, cardstock, paper, iron-on, etc.

● The Premium Fine-Point Blade comes in Gold Colour.

● It is suitable to use with all the Cricut Explore and Maker devices.

● This blade can be used with Silver Fine-Point Housing and Premium Fine-Point Housing.

3. Deep Point Blade

● Deep Point Blade comes in black colour.

● This blade is recommended to be used to cut thicker materials such as chipboard, stamp material, magnet, stiffened felt, foam sheets, and other materials.

● Deep Point Blade should only be used with the Deep-Point Blade Housing.

● This blade and housing are best to use with both the Cricut Maker and Explore series devices.

4. Bonded Fabric Blade

● The Bonded Fabric Blade is best to use with the fabric with the iron-on backer or for complex cuts on bonded fabrics.

● It is generally suitable to use with the Bonded-Fabric Blade Housing. Plus, it can also be used with the Premium Fine-Point Blade Housing.

● The colour of the Bonded-Fabric blades is pink.

● This blade and housing are best to use with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you change your Cricut blade?

There is no specific time for changing the blades of your Cricut machines. The time period of the blades depends on their use. So, if you are using the Cricut blades regularly, you can change the blades every two months.

Can you replace the knife blade in Cricut?

To replace the knife blade in Cricut, take out the Knife Blade Drive Housing from your Cricut device. After that, keep the changing cap over the blade and sleeve on the housing.

Does aluminum foil really sharpen Cricut blades?

Yes, sometimes aluminum foil can be used to sharpen the blades. To do that, you have to depress the level of the blade at the top; by doing that, you can see the blade, but it will not fall out of the housing. After that, take the aluminum foil ball and stab it in the blade a few times.

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