It’s important to note that the availability of vehicle owner details may vary from country to country, and that access to this information may be restricted for privacy reasons. It’s also important to use this information responsibly and only for legitimate reasons, such as when buying a used vehicle or in case of a hit-and-run situation on the road.

How to check vehicle owner details by number plate through the Parivahan website
You can also check the car and bike owner details by number plate online via the Parivahan website under the VAHAN e-services portal. All you need is an internet-enabled smartphone or computer to check vehicle registration details through VAHAN. Here are the steps of the same.
• Step 1: Log on to the Parivahan website.
• Step 2: Select “Informational Services” from the menu and click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” from the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can directly open the Vahan search page on the Parivahan website.
• Step 3: Create an account by entering your mobile number and email ID. If you already have an account, log in using your mobile number.
• Step 4: On the next page, enter the vehicle number and captcha code, and click on “Vahan Search”.
• Step 5: You will then see the details of the vehicle and the owner’s information, including the name and address.
What details of the vehicle owner can be obtained using VAHAN?
Post completion of the steps mentioned in the above section, a new page will open with the vehicle RC details.
Following are the details you can view through the Parivahan website.
• Vehicle type, make, model, emission norm, and fuel type.
• RTO details
• Owner name (partially)
• Vehicle registration date
• Status and validity of registration/fitness
• Validity of insurance
• Validity of Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
• Validity of MV (Motor Vehicle) tax or road tax.
• Hypothecation status (whether the vehicle is financed or not)
Steps to find vehicle registration details through SMS
You can use the SMS service offered by the VAHAN portal to find vehicle registration details such as the vehicle owner’s details. Here are the steps.
Step 1: Enter VAHAN (space) vehicle registration number on your phone’s messaging app. Example: VAHAN MH01AB1XX1.
Step 2: Send it to the number: 7738299899
Once you send the message, you will receive a reply with the registration details of the vehicle, including the owner’s name, registration date, and registration validity. It’s important to note that SMS charges may apply for using this service.
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