When purchasing a leather sofa, the leather surface should be rich and shiny, without scars, and with fine texture and texture. Pinch a place with your fingertips and pull it up. It should feel flexible and strong. Wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious after sitting. The leather is the best leather.

When purchasing a fabric sofa, it should be noted that the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a loop structure. High-grade fabric sofas generally have a cotton lining, and other easy-to-contaminate parts should be washable. The sofa fabric should be relatively thick, and its grammage is more than 300 grams per square meter, which is more durable, and it must be guaranteed that the surface will not be peeled after more than 12,000 frictions. Sofa fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported. The special fabrics for sofas produced by European and American professional manufacturers are of high quality, with minimal color difference, high color fastness, and no weft skew. special treatment. Imported high-grade fabrics also have antistatic, flame retardant and other functions. When buying a fabric sofa, you should choose fabrics with fine and smooth warp and weft threads, no skipping threads, no exposed joints, and right hand feeling. Sewing depends on whether the stitches are even and straight. Grind the seams with both hands to see whether they are tight and whether the edges of the teeth are round and plump.you can also check at currys discount code NHS


  • Look at the cloth


The wrapping depends on whether the fabric is tightly attached to the inner filling, whether it is flat and straight, especially the transition between the two armrests, the seat and the back should be natural and free of creases. If it is a round and semi-circular handrail, it depends on whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful. For fabrics with floral patterns or checkered patterns, it depends on whether the flower shapes at the stitching are consistent, whether the grids are horizontal and vertical, and there is no inclination or distortion. Finally, sit down and have a try, and feel whether the inclination angle of the seat and the back or the curvature of the back seat are in good agreement with the four parts of the waist, back, buttocks and leg bends; The arms are naturally stretched and open; whether the sitting feeling is comfortable and whether the standing up is comfortable. After standing up, check whether the fabrics on the hips, backrest and armrests have obvious looseness and creases that cannot be recovered for a long time.


  • Look at the selection of foam sponges


High-end sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 30 kg/m3, and back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of more than 25 kg/m3. In order to improve sitting and lying comfort, some foams have been softened without reducing the density, and some have vertical springs in the seat cushions to make the sofa have higher resilience and anti-aging performance. Under normal circumstances, it is best for the sofa cushion to be depressed by about 10 cm after the human body sits down. You can also view at ao discount code NHS

How to choose a sofa towel, what is the function of a sofa towel

Sofa towels and sofas are like clothes to people. Although they are accessories, in fact, in real life, sofa towels are really indispensable and important items in people’s home life. Specifically, the function of the sofa towel is to protect the sofa, prevent dust, beautify the room, and keep warm.



  • The role of sofa towel
      1. Protect the sofa: If the new fabric sofa is accidentally stained or shaved, it is difficult to clean or repair, even if it can be quite troublesome; the new leather sofa is expensive because of its high price. You need to be careful, for fear of being scratched, so choose a beautiful sofa cover, which can not only protect the sofa well, but also is more convenient to disassemble and clean than the sofa cover.
      2. Beautify the room: There are various styles of sofa towels, and you can have a larger range of choices. Especially for older sofas, if the sofa frame is still very strong, but it is stained, or shaved, or just you want to change your vision, you can choose a sofa towel, which can not only cover the defects of the sofa, but also its unique The lace can also play a very good embellishment role, which the sofa cover does not have.
      3. Warmth effect: The material of sofa towels is generally thicker, and some of them also contain velvet, so the sofa towels will give people a thick feeling, especially in winter, the sofa with sofa towels will give people warmth both in terms of appearance and touch. Sofa towels can make the sofa look a lot more beautiful. You can put beautiful clothes on the sofa and beautify the living room environment. Make our life more emotional. You can also save at wayfair discount code NHS

  • How to choose a sofa towel

      1. Look: Check to see if there are color differences and wrinkles on the surface of the sofa towel, and whether the pattern of the sofa towel is clear and the color is uniform.
      2. Touch: After reading it, you can touch the sofa towel with your hands to feel whether its texture is good and whether the thickness of the sofa towel is consistent.
      3. Smell: This is very important. If the sofa towel has a peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high.
      4. Wipe: You can cut a sofa towel sample and wipe the sofa towel with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.