Easy Steps to Choose a Turnstile Equipment

The first and most important step in choosing the right turnstile equipment is assessing your facility’s unique needs. This includes the layout, size, traffic patterns, and number of users. Then, we start narrowing down the options based on your specific security requirements and budget.

Choosing a Turnstile that meets your access control needs

The next consideration is the type of access control system that you want to integrate with the turnstile. This can be a simple proximity system, a more robust and flexible biometrics solution or a combination of both.

Choosing an access control turnstile that is easy to use and fits the needs of your employees should be your top priority. If you need a turnstile that is complex and requires special software, you may end up spending more than your business can afford, which can disrupt operations.

Selecting a Turnstile that meets the aesthetic needs of your venue

A turnstile that is stylish, sleek and modern will look good in high-end venues like lavish offices, government buildings and college campuses. You can find ADA-compliant turnstiles and doors that are made from aluminum, glass or other material that reflects your facility’s aesthetic.

Installing an ADA-compliant gate will also make it easier for facilities to comply with accessibility standards, including wheelchair access. In this case, you should be sure that the turnstile is equipped with an ADA-compliant access gate reader that supports hands-free access methods.