Key cabinets for commercial properties may be summed up in three words; easy, secure, and well-organized. These units are a practical solution to stay organised and prevent the loss of critical keys if you deal with a variety of them on a daily basis.


On a busy day, losing one key can quickly become a nightmare while you are at work, not to mention an added cost. Keys to vehicle, offices, cupboards, safes, etc. can all be kept in key storage cabinets, which offer a logically organised and secure location. There are numerous different types of these units available on the market, from small designs to larger commercial key storage cabinets. These storage units generally come with combination locks and two keys, for greater security of the key tags that they hold.


To be sure that the cabinet you select is appropriate for your company’s requirements and those of its employees, keep in mind that not every type and style will be ideal for your needs. Here are four considerations to bear in mind when choosing one for your business.


Cabinet Size

The size of your unit should be a priority. The storage space should be adequate to securely store all the keys on your property. Keeping only a few in the cabinet while leaving others with haphazard employees throughout the business is one way to get disorganised and increase your losses and expenses. Sometimes you may need more than one cabinet depending on your specific needs.


Your unit’s size will also depend on the kind of keys you keep within. For instance, larger cabinets could be needed for a fleet of car than for smaller types used for your interior doors.


Locking Mechanism

Keep in mind that your unit must also be locked securely at all times. Which locking system will work best for your business deserves careful consideration. Make sure the conventional lock you use for the cabinet differs in appearance from the others you have on hand, so that you won’t unintentionally lock your cabinet key inside the storage system.


Consider a keyless entry system for your unit as a safer alternative. Traditional keys are items that could be easily misplaced or even copied without your knowledge (which is a significant security risk). Instead of using conventional types, think about using electronic or combination locks.


The greatest benefit of an electronic combination lock is that it enables you to rapidly and frequently alter the passcode that provides access to the cabinet. Many cabinet-operating businesses change their passcodes on a monthly or quarterly basis, offering an excellent additional layer of protection, especially against irate ex-employees.


Cabinet Material

Additionally, your cabinet should be hard to break into. It should be made of a strong material that cannot be easily broken or cut through, in addition to the lock. Choose frames made of aluminium, brass, or stainless steel to safeguard your storage unit.


Key Capacity

The cabinet’s dimensions are important! Consider who will have access to it and how frequently they will use it.


A typical rule of thumb states that each drawer or slot should contain between 15 and 30 keys. However, a smaller unit that can contain 13 keys is perfect for home use. To allow for outside use, outdoor cabinets are often substantially larger.


Printed tags make it easy to find your keys.

Consider using cabinets with slotted racks and suitable labelling to further simplify organisation. With the help of these racks, you may create a labelling system that works for your company and hang your keys more easily. Most tags allow labelling so that you can better organise them, and have an indexing system as well.


Where and how it is installed

You must decide where to place your cabinet based on the number of keys you need to store within it. Smaller units are typically installed on the wall or under desks, while larger ones are placed in storage closets, inside desks, and other places.


Electronic storage units should be installed in a location that is both difficult for people without the code to access and simple enough for those who have physical restrictions to open.


Effortless Use

Consider the possibility that you have any physical restrictions that could make it challenging for you to unlock the manual lock on your cabinet. An electric one might be preferable in this situation.


Instead of manually twisting handles or knobs, they are typically unlocked using access codes. In addition, they can be opened electronically using a digital keypad as opposed to a manual model’s knob-style handle.


All establishments have keys. If you don’t keep them organised, they will be a mess, and if the wrong people manage to acquire access to some locks, your company could be in danger. Purchasing a key storage solution is crucial in preventing this from happening, but not all these lockers will be ideal for your business or its personnel. Prior to things becoming out of your control, you need to find something suitable.


Key cabinets come in an array of styles and designs and sizes, so that you can choose something that is ideal for your business needs. If you are thinking of future expansions, then don’t worry, you can buy a standard cabinet now and purchase additional panels when you want to expand your business; it is both cost effective and the ideal solution for small businesses that are looking to grow over time. Don’t forget to purchase your requirements from a reputable and experienced vendor, who has been in the industry for many years and offers the best solutions in terms warranty and durability.